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An Attitude Of Gratitude Can Facilitate Healing
by Annabel Fisher, EFT-Adv

When we are struggling to overcome a chronic illness or chronic pain, our lives become very focused on what is wrong, and the steps we need to take in order to recover. Our lives may consist of appointments with doctors, specialists, therapists, and various practitioners. In fact, we may feel as though the life…

Playing With Fire
by Nicole Paull

Recently, I suffered a second-degree burn on my neck. I was burning brush and a wind-blown ember landed on me, raising a few blisters and reddening the entire surrounding area. Because it was the last day of burning season and it was already…

Rainbow Coleslaw
by Lisa Marie Battacharya R.H.N.

This coleslaw is named after its beautiful variety of colourful ingredients. It is meant to ignite the senses and the creative imaginations of the people (especially children) who eat it (and hopefully help grow and prepare it too).…

by Debbie Sarfati

Composting is essentially nature’s recycling system where living or once-living materials are broken down into a rich soil. Composting is a convenient, economical, and sustainable way to handle your yard and food waste – right in your own backyard.…

Detox The Diet And The Body Follows
by Michelle Hancock

Don’t say “detoxification” in front of Dr. Brian Davies, because this naturopathic physician thinks the modern day catchword is highly overused.

To reclaim good health, the first and most important step is improving the diet, said Dr. Davies of North Shore Naturopathic Clinic in a recent talk in Burnaby, BC.

How To Have A Meaningful Life When You Have A Chronic Illness
by Tom Robinson M.A.

It usually seems to be the case that having a chronic illness, like inflammatory bowel disease or irritable bowel syndrome,
diminishes our lives. From traveling to eating to working and playing, we feel limited by how much and for how long we can do the things we want to do. Nevertheless, it…

Cancer Prevention Research
by Michelle Hancock

When it comes to allocating research funding for cancer prevention, does Canada get a passing grade? No, says the Canada Advocacy Coalition of Canada (CACC), a non-profit cancer advocacy group.

Healing Journey
by Jason DeMott

As I started first grade, we had moved to a new state, and I developed allergies and asthma. I took allergy shots and occasional breathing treatments. Although it was rough for some years, as I aged, my symptoms diminished.

My struggle with digestive problems must have started in my late teens or early 20s. I recall eating fried chicken tenders on…

Question & Answer
by Jini Patel Thompson

I come from Germany, that is why some of the words or expressions I use may seem strange, but I hope you will understand what I mean. I wanted to share with you my experience with oregano oil and ask some questions.

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reviewed by Nicole Paull

Well, gardening season is upon us. I found a nice, sunny spot to settle down in while I wrote this, and was rewarded by watching a pair of cardinals build a nest in a wild blueberry bush across a grassy sward from me (very exciting!). All the world is sprouting and bursting into vibrant life…