Good Health Is Real Wealth Issue #12 - PDF Format

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Celebrating the Highly Sensitive Personality
By Annabel Fisher

Long before I was seriously ill, I often had a sense that I felt emotions more deeply and painfully than many of my friends and colleagues. Things seemed to roll off their backs, while I became greatly affected in some way by what I'd seen or heard....

Quad Synergy Anti-Pathogen Protocol
By Jini Patel Thompson

I recently had a 3-day stool and saliva test done through Jim Ehmke's clinic – you may recall Jim as he is the clinical nutritionist I interviewed for a teleseminar on raw milk diets and a podcast on natural cancer treatments. The results of my stool sample came back perfectly clear (no ova or parasites), with an abundance of good bacteria. However, the saliva sample indicated a "positive" or "detected" result for Entamoeba histolytica, roundworm and tapeworm. Yikes!...

Making Time
By Nicole Paull

Summer is hard for me. I'm trying to be a mom, with all that involves – whilst serving my clients superbly – without resorting to the TV as an all-purpose child-entertainer. I get stretched. I get irritable. I hate my own irritability....

Lisa Marie's Lemony Buttermilk Scones
By Lisa Marie Bhattacharya R.H.N.

These are a favourite staple of mine that I serve at my bed and breakfast - hot and steamy straight from the oven with a smear of fresh organic butter and a yummy cup of tea. Nothing better!...

Saving Money on Food
By Debbie Sarfati, HHC

One of the biggest topics my clients are asking about these days is how to save money when they're food shopping, without sacrificing good nutrition. In this month's article, I have put together some tips and strategies to save money on your grocery bill while still eating healthfully....

The Healing Power of Compassion
By Tom Robinson, M.A.

Of all the strategies I teach my clients to help them live well when they have a chronic illness, the one I teach the most is compassion. I teach it and reinforce it by having my clients put reminders on their bathroom mirrors, by having them wear rubber bands around their wrists as a reminder, and by assigning them the task of trying to give themselves an overdose of compassion - even though it's not possible to do that! The reason I focus so much on that strategy is because I have found that giving themselves compassion is one of the most healing things people can do for themselves....

Relaxation Training - A Personal Perspective
By Allan Hirsh, M.A.

In my freshman year at McGill University, I experienced a headache almost every day. I thought I was having fun and I certainly learned how to party, except that I couldn't shake my headaches. In retrospect, I realize that I was under a great deal of pressure to perform, achieve and adapt. I was unaware of my fear of rejection and failure that lay just below the surface....

Q & A With Dr. Silvio Najt, MD
By Silvio Najt, MD


My eleven-year-old daughter, Holly, is two weeks into the IBD Remission Diet much to her GI Doctor's chagrin, as they want to start Remicade and I am holding off. After submitting the infomation for the Absorb Plus, in addition to information and access to the book The IBD Remission Diet I have been receiving a barrage of questions/concerns from the dietician. Of paramount concern to them is the amount of Vitamin A that Holly is getting through both the shakes and Cod Liver Oil. They are stating that this is a toxic amount. They are also concerned that the potassium levels are too low in the shakes but that the sodium levels are too high due to the broth. (They never took such an interest in her nutrition before so I am rather suspicious that the motive may be to undermine what we are doing). Could you comment on Vitamin A toxicity levels?...

Browse Our Bookshelf
by Anne Barone
Reviewer: Nicole Paull

I had come across Anne Barone's books and website quite by chance some years ago, back when I was working full-time, an hour away from home and quite overwhelmed by the situation – not to mention quite weighed down by the circumference of my hips. On a whim, because I enjoy what and how she writes, I decided to purchase the digital version of her latest book and to my surprise, found quite a bit of information I thought would be helpful and interesting to my readers....