Good Health Is Real Wealth Issue #20 - PDF Format

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Issue #20 Infoletter in pdf format, full color, 26 pages, 8.5'x11'

In this issue we return to Dr. Martin Brofman with the full details of his amazing journey from near death to the vibrant life he now leads, inspiring thousands of others. Kevin Gianni shares how his efforts to recover from Lyme disease worked a complete make-over of his diet, and how his discovery of fermented foods changed his life. The wonders of Turmeric are revealed in an article by Dr. David Blyweiss, extolling the virtues of Indian curries, and this is followed by Jini sharing some relevant recipes. Drs. Blair and Rita Justice return with an article on our shadow-selves, how relief comes when we give words to the unspoken and unacknowledged.

Are You a Refugee in the Land of Chronic Illness?
By Tom Robinson M.A.

Because of the wars and natural disasters that occur around the world, we hear about refugees on the evening news from time to time. But if you’re like me--or rather like I used to be, you don’t give it a lot of thought. You probably don’t try to imagine what it must be like to have to suddenly leave your home and belongings behind and live somewhere else – often in a foreign country But one of my clients did think about it a lot. Grace, as I’ll callher, lives on the Australian island of Tasmania, which is about 300 miles south of the mainland. Many refugees from war-torn Sudan are resettled there every year. In spite of living with several chronic illnesses, including chronic fatigue so severe she often found herself so tired she couldn’t sleep, Grace spent a lot of her own time helping those refugees learn about housing, employment, customs, laws, the English language, and all the other things they needed to adjust to and know to be able to live in their new country...

Let Me Disappoint You
By Cheryl Richardson

I hate being disappointed. There’s nothing worse than getting your hopes up only to have them squelched when something doesn’t turn out the way you plan. And that’s precisely why I hate to disappoint others. Over the years I’ve watched myself go on autopilot when someone asks for a favor, saying “yes” when I know in my gut that I’d rather not do it. Or I’ve suffered, spending too much time trying to come up with a graceful way to let someone down so they wouldn’t feel hurt or angry at my “no.” At our core, most of us hate to hurt or disappoint people. As a matter of fact, many avoid it like the plague. Here are a few reasons why...

Survival and Transformation from Terminal Cancer
By Martin Brofman, Ph.D

A Personal Account of Near-death Experience I was at the Episcopal Hospital in Philadelphia. I had just been told that I had a ‘blockage’ in my spinal cord, from the fourth to the seventh cervical vertebra at the level of the neck, which had been responsible for the symptoms I had been experiencing. My right arm was paralysed, my legs were spastic, and there were sensations like electric shocks running through my body when I moved my head...

Indian Super Spices Combat Cancer & Arthritis
By Dr. David Blyweiss

I love Indian food—the tandoori, the savory lentil and chickpea dishes, and especially the pungent curries. But, along with the complex and exotic flavors, many Indian dishes pack a powerful health punch, thanks to the spice turmeric...

Indian Superspice Recipes
By Jini Patel Thompson

Jini’s Turmeric Chicken Curry - For Sensitive Tummies
Cilantro Chelation Pesto
Easy Veggie Chili Recipe

Using Cuss Words to Release Anger
By Colleen Gay

I recently worked with a long time client who chose the name Rose for this article. Rose has had great success in tapping to relieve anger at her Mama in the past but in a current situation her anger simply refused to go lower than a 5 in intensity...

Fermenting: Easiest Way to Make Superfoods
By Kevin Gianni

“Healthiest,” “most affordable” and “easiest to make” are all bold claims... In this article, I attempt to show you just exactly why I think it’s true. I discovered fermented (or cultured foods) when I needed them most. Dr. Junger mentioned the combination of probiotic foods as well as the use of probiotics to repair and keep the gut healthy. I feel strongly that the combination of the two are essential as well. Fermented foods provide additional immune boosting nutrients like B vitamins and amino acids. They also ensure that you’re going to get a lot of healthy, hearty bacteria — since you know they’re living, because they fermented the medium you started with...

All About Ticks
Anita Patel

Kevin Gianni’s article got me thinking about a couple of my friends with Lyme disease, one of them on intravenous rotating antibiotics for a 3 year period, which in many people has ended the condition; the other with just the 3 week antibiotic regimen, said to be sufficient by Insurance companies. Both spent most of their life in bed until they found the key to any kind of quality of life is infusions of other people’s healthy immune systems every 2 weeks or so. This is such a debilitating disease I found the following information in HealthLeader to be well worth passing on: - What you need to know to avoid tick-borne disease this summer...

Me & My Shadow
By Drs. Blair & Rita Justice

The shadow we are referring to is the psychological shadow each of us carries with us, no matter where we are. Our psychological shadow is that part of us that is unclaimed or unacknowledged by us...


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