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This Customizable Healing Meditation by Jini Patel Thompson is a loose framework that can be customized to your needs - it enables you to use the power of your mind to heal your body. You can customize it to whatever your body needs at this moment in time. Jini's soothing recorded voice takes you into meditative (deeply relaxed) state and then you proceed to visualize whatever you wish - depending on what you want to heal. 

Once Jini has led you into a deeply relaxed state (Theta brainwave state) you then visualize whatever you wish, letting your body and inutition guide you - the recording carries on during this time with either silence or mellow, relaxing music.

You can choose whether you want your meditation to fade into silence, or 30 minutes of soothing music set to ocean waves. You will receive BOTH the MP3 audio download links - one with music and one without music.

Length - Digital MP3 Download

No Music: 6 minutes

With Music: 36 minutes

Do this healing meditation every night before you go to sleep, or perhaps during your quiet time in the daytime, for whatever needs healing in your body. Do it often, until the neural pathways have been reinforced to the point where you see the change in your physical body. An added bonus will be the deep physical relaxation your whole body will receive by relaxing into deep meditative state every day.

Download this meditation and give it a go for whatever ails you...

Click here to listen to a sample of this meditation. 

Warning: Do not play this meditation while driving, or doing anything other than lying down.

Original music: Cloud Wings (c) 2004 Steve Martin. All Rights Reserved.

Meditation: (c) 2010 Jini Patel Thompson. All Rights Resrved.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Feedback:

"I love it...very belly is so stressed .....!"


If, for any reason, you are not happy with this Healing Meditation, simply email us for a full refund.

There's a fascinating book called The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge MD. in it, he describes exactly why and how when you visualize or imagine something deeply, the brain (and subsequently the body) cannot tell the difference between reality and the imagined event. To give you one example, Doidge tells a story about Pascual-Luone, who taught a sequence of piano notes to two groups who had never studied piano before. One group just sat in front of the electric piano keyboard and "imagined" playing the sequence and also imagined hearing the notes being played. The other group actually physically practiced the music on the piano keyboard.

"Both groups had their brains mapped before the experiment, each day during it, and afterward. Then both groups were asked to play the sequence, and a computer measured the accuracy of their performances. Pascual-Leone found that both groups learned to play the sequence, and both showed similar brain map changes. Remarkably, mental practice alone produced the same physical changes in the motor system as actually playing the piece."

So, in this way, when we imagine or visualize a healing action or sequence - especially when we are in Theta brainwave state, the brain will action it without question or hesitation. Personally, I feel that when the "imagining" is done in deep meditative state (when the brainwaves are in Theta frequency), this will potentiate the effects/results. The more we visualize a particular occurrence or sequence, the brain builds neural pathways, or maps, to support that sequence - like grooves being worn deeper and deeper. This continues until it gets to the point where a habit is formed, or you will automatically do that thing without thinking.

This Customizable Healing Meditation is a loose framework that can be customized to your needs. For example, let's say you suffer from constipation because your peristaltic mechanism is not working properly. Peristalsis is a muscular contraction, so you can train your body to activate those muscles. Re-read the section in my book, Listen To Your Gut, where I discovered I could train my rectum to move the stool back UP into the colon when I didn't want to have a bowel movement - something that is also supposed to be uncontrollable (pg 368). I've had feedback from many people who have successfully implemented this technique, so I know it's something that anyone can implement.

So, then you go online and find videos of peristalsis, to see what intestinal peristalsis actually looks like and this will help you to visualize it. Then you play the Custom Healing Meditation and once you are deeply relaxed and in theta brainwave state, you visualize your peristalsis in your colon (and intestines) working perfectly - all the way down to your rectum and then visualize the stool being expelled naturally and easily from your rectum - without you even having to push. The next time you are on the toilet, repeat this visualization - don't expect immediate results, just keep doing the visualizations until your body learns how.

But that's just one example, the Customizable Healing Meditation is just that - you can customize it to whatever your body needs at this moment in time. My recorded voice takes you into meditative (deeply relaxed) state and then you proceed to visualize whatever you need at this time - depending on what you want to heal. I used these same visualization techniques to teach my bladder to open easily and void completely whilst pregnant - when it is very difficult to achieve complete evacuation of the bladder in one go. I just stood up over the toilet and tilted forward to take the pressure of the fetus off my bladder. Then I imagined my bladder releasing, relaxing and letting go, and the urine flowing down my urethra and out into the toilet. Again, I first found photos of what the bladder/urethra looked like, so I could visualize effectively.

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    Not bad

    Posted by Emma on 3rd Mar 2018

    I've listened to a lot of guided meditations in my time and this is not one of the best. Jini's voice is soothing but the heavy breathing is distracting. I was unable to get into a deep meditative state. I also felt like the guided part of the meditation was too short to really relax. The music afterwards however, is really lovely, so I have just been listening to that.

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