THE IBD REMISSION DIET: Achieving Long-Term Health With An Elemental Diet & Natural Supplementation Plan (eBook) - by Jini Patel Thompson

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The IBD Remission Diet is ideal for anyone with Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis or severe irritable bowel syndrome who has had enough of the drugs and surgery cycle. The IBD Remission Diet is a specialized, next-generation combination of an elemental liquid diet, with bone and veggie broths, along with tried and tested natural remedies proven to help heal the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). 

Restoring Bowel Health With an Elemental Liquid Diet 

The IBD Remission Diet is a liquid-only, bowel rest diet - it is not a selection or choice of diets, it is ONE diet only. It is a 100% natural program that combines an elemental liquid bowel rest diet with a specifically targeted supplementation plan to induce disease remission and heal the gastrointestinal tract. The only variation on this diet is to use it only half of the time, and for the other half of your diet, you consume well-tolerated foods like FODMAP or Jini's Low Residue foods. 

If you're unable to eat solid foods, or can only tolerate a small variety of foods, or you want to give your bowel a focused healing spa, then you may wish to use this program to:

1.  Stop bleeding and heal inflammation

2.  Give intestinal fissures, fistulas and ulcers time and space to heal

3.  Heal the mucosal lining of the intestine with targeted amino acids and herbs

4.  Heal leaky gut syndrome

5.  Clear intestinal obstructions

6.  Replace bad or imbalanced intestinal flora with good bacteria

7.  Provide a layer of good bacteria to coat and protect the mucosal lining from toxins, parasites, fungus and damage

8.  Ensure long-term, ongoing health in the entire gastrointestinal system

9.  Heal and balance the entire immune system with proven supplements

10. Gain solid weight (muscle, not fat) if underweight or malnourished

11. Thoroughly test for food intolerances and allergies 
with a food reintroduction program

12. Achieve emotional healing 

13. Prevent relapse with a Maintenance Diet

Dozens of clinical, medical studies have shown that an elemental liquid diet like the IBD Remission Diet is as effective as steroids (such as Prednisone) at inducing remission for inflammatory bowel disease, with results in an average 3 to 6 weeks. 

In fact, The IBD Remission Diet is such an effective holistic program of whole-body healing that secondary health issues are often resolved by following its diet and supplementation plan.

If you've been looking for a detailed, step-by-step natural alternative to damaging prescription drugs and surgery, that helps to induce disease remission and quick-start your return to long-term health, The IBD Remission Diet may just be the book for you. 

What Is An Elemental Diet?

An elemental diet is one where EVERYTHING you consume, for a period of 3 to 6 weeks, is in completely liquid, pre-digested form. It combines protein shakes with vegetable broths, bone broths, homemade jello and certain supplements. You can do a Vegan version of the Diet, or a regular version. But know that an elemental diet requires a lot of discipline - if you 'cheat' you will not be providing the total bowel rest that is necessary for healing the gut.

Also, because your diet is completely liquid, be prepared for multiple liquid bowel movements (reduced fecal matter) throughout the day. This is not diarrhea (you will still maintain your weight, or gain weight if that is your goal) it is simply that liquid elemental diets produce liquid stool - just like a breastfed baby.

You will likely need to take time off your regular schedule, or reduce your workload significantly to do this Diet as it is a serious healing tool and root-level healing requires a lot of energy.

The other alternative to an exclusively elemental diet, is to do a half-elemental diet and then the other half of your diet consists of well-tolerated foods.


Your purchase includes 3 items designed to fast-track your learning and implementation of the Diet:

  • Coca Pulse Test for Allergies eBook
  • Coca Pulse Test Charts
  • Probiotics 1 Teleseminar - both MP3 audio and PDF Transcript of Jini Patel Thompson interviewing probiotics author and expert Natasha Trenev. By the time you finish this teleseminar, you'll likely know more about probiotics than your doctor!

365-DAY GUARANTEE: if you purchase this book or eBook and it is not helpful, just email us for a no-questions-asked, 365-day guaranteed refund!

Also available on Amazon Kindle - $9.99 

Or a hardcover version - $24.95

Keep reading for a detailed list of what's in each chapter...

Table of Contents
Chapter One - The Story and The Vision

Jini defines the terms Remission Diet and elemental diet, presents evidence from clinical trials of the effectiveness of an elemental diet, and explains the different types of elemental diets. The chapter ends with advice about the use of drugs like Asacol and prednisone while on the Remission Diet.


Chapter Two - The Elemental Diet

Learn about the benefits of an elemental diet, including bowel rest, optimum nutrition, the healing of intestinal inflammation, healing of the mucosal lining, and a gentle detoxification. Jini offers specific instructions on how long to stay on an elemental diet, the best methods to mix elemental liquid diet shakes, how many shakes to drink per day, allowable foods, and using an elemental diet while pregnant.


Chapter Three - The Supplementation Plan

Each of the recommended supplements in The IBD Remission Diet have been chosen for their specific action on the immune and digestive system. Learn which supplements to take, when to start them, how and how often to take them, and how to use Jini’s Healing Implant Enema to treat colonic bleeding. The chapter ends with a recipe for the IBD Remission Diet Shake, including supplements. 


Chapter Four - Recipes

Delicious and nutritious recipes to give you added nutrients and as much taste variety as possible on an elemental diet, including bone broths, chicken broth, steak broth, mushroom broth, vegetable broth, Bieler broth, natural jello, and liquid diet shakes.


Chapter Five - Food Re-Introduction and Allergy Testing

As most people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) have food intolerances, Jini gives detailed instructions on re-introducing foods and testing for allergies and intolerances in this chapter. Learn which undesirable reactions to watch for (pain, increased mucus, bloating, heartburn, hives…), and what to do should you experience them. Jini introduces two handy, easy to use tools for testing for food allergies – a food diary and the Coca Pulse Test.


Chapter Six - Infection Protocols and Colonoscopies

If you have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chances are very good that you have an infectious component to your illness – such as an overgrowth of bad bacteria, yeast, fungus, viruses and/or mycobacteria. Jini provides a potent anti-pathogen protocol that has been trial-tested and proven to be well tolerated and effective by thousands of people with colon and bowel disorders. Read on for important information on healing abscesses and fistulas, and Jini’s very strong opinions on colonoscopies.


Chapter Seven - Long-Term Health

Once you’ve cleared your gut symptoms using the IBD Remission Diet and identified your food allergies and intolerances, you will want to maintain your newfound gastrointestinal health. This chapter provides you with guidelines to manage the top three factors involved in long-term well being: emotional (mind/body) health, physical fitness, and a healthy diet.


Chapter Eight - Summary and Action Plan

To pull things together and make regaining your bowel and colon health as easy as possible, Jini concludes with a step-by-step Action Plan to help you implement the IBD Remission Diet, including a Checklist, a Timeline, and some practical Questions and Answers.


Feedback on The IBD Remission Diet

"In children with active Crohn's disease, exclusive nutritional therapy shows a more rapid effect than steroids in inducing clinical remission and is markedly more effective than steroids in producing healing of mucosal inflammation."
Dr. Robert Canani, MD
"THE IBD REMISSION DIET has been a dramatic, positive step forward in what I see as an ongoing healing process. I followed the diet for two and a half weeks then tapered off the shakes gradually over the course of another one and a half weeks. Within the first week of returning to solid food I experienced the first solid bowel movements I had had in almost a year. My digestion was quiet and painless and food was properly broken down. My energy levels stayed up and my weight has stayed on. Although I may experience flares again in the future, the fear factor is almost gone now that I know I have a powerful tool for managing them that will not cause horrible side effects or damage my immune system. I would highly recommend this diet for anyone with gastro-intestinal problems or anyone seeking a balanced, natural approach to long-term health."
E.D., Ontario
"I had been suffering from chronic constipation, heart burn for the last 20 years. No bowel movements without the help of laxatives. I had food allergies of all kinds that I was only eating vegetables. i was losing weight and going unhealthy. So I read the IBD remission diet and decided to give it a try. I implemented the diet for 8 weeks. I started Feb 22, 2012 and ended April 17, 2012. Its been 10 days since I ended but I can see that the heart burn or acidity is completely gone. I am having bowel movements without the help of laxatives. when I started the diet I was only 119.8 pounds, end of the diet I was 130.2 pounds!!! I was always cold, that is gone. My craving for sweets is gone. My energy level has gone up. I couldn't exercise before because of chronic fatigue but during the diet, the 11th day into the diet, I started exercising and now I am continuously going to the gym, gaining some muscles :). I don't feel bloated or have any gas issues now. I did the wild oregano oil protocol during the diet. I am sure that killed a lot of bad bacteria, which I could feel in my body. I know a major healing has taken place. now I need to maintain it. Thanks a million to Jini. Now I know why God led Jini through Crohn's, so she could develop a diet for her and millions who is suffering of various ailments."
V.J., Texas

"Having recently undergone the second of two major surgeries for severe ulcerative colitis, I decided to follow THE IBD REMISSION DIET for two weeks with the goal of restoring balance to my gut, losing some weight, and generally "detoxifying" my system. After following the Diet, my digestion has vastly improved and I have had no blockages at all. This has led me to question whether my surgeries might even have been averted had this elemental diet program been available to me earlier."
C.S., Ontario
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Here's a common question I get: "How does this book differ from LISTEN TO YOUR GUT, which I already have?"

THE IBD REMISSION DIET was written in response to readers of my first book (LISTEN TO YOUR GUT), who wrote in asking for more detailed instructions on following the Bowel Rest Elemental Diet outlined in Chapter 3 of that book.

LISTEN TO YOUR GUT is a comprehensive compendium of a variety of natural, alternative therapies that work to address specific symptoms of IBD and IBS. THE IBD REMISSION DIET however, focuses on just one of those natural therapies (the elemental diet) and then adds a natural supplementation plan to produce an effective program for inducing disease remission.

Whilst LISTEN TO YOUR GUT provides you with a variety of treatment options and you put together your own plan based on your individual symptom profile, THE IBD REMISSION DIET is a set, step-by-step treatment program that is the same for everyone - the only variable is the length of time you stay on the Diet.

THE IBD REMISSION DIET is definitely the fastest way to heal yourself, but it requires a lot more self-discipline and involves short-term, radical change. You can also attain solid, long-term healing using LISTEN TO YOUR GUT but it usually takes longer to achieve the same results - as you pick and choose from the therapies listed and go at your own pace. So choose the book (healing program) that fits best with your personality. Both contain very valuable information and healing tools for healing Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, Diverticulitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

15 Reviews

  • 5
    The IBD Remission Diet (Book)

    Posted by Aubrie on 9th Jun 2021

    I really love the book so far. Jini is a great writer. The words flow in a way that keep my attention. I am glad w/ my purchase and can not wait to read further.

  • 5
    Very Valuable! Highly recommended!

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd May 2019

    This book has been so helpful and insightful as it has so much detailed information about chronic diseases such as IBS and Crohn's disease. I highly recommend any product and the book itself for those who have been diagnosed with an intestinal issue.

  • 5
    Life saving!

    Posted by Linda on 13th Sep 2018

    Before I read this book I was stumbling around for over a year with an intestinal imbalance. Less than three weeks using the guidelines from this book and I am back on track. I feel that I know more than my doctor about how to heal myself, thanks to the information Jini has imparted. Thank you!!!

  • 5
    extremely informative

    Posted by H on 12th Jun 2018

    Using the book I am starting to put together a plan for my son who was diagnosed with Crohns took methotrexate for about 2 years and was doing well.... Being away at college he decided to stop taking the medicine and seemed okay, did not change his diet however after about a year I took him to see an intergrative doctor and she put him on a lot of supplements that seemed to help him. But he began to lose weight and stopped taking the supplements and became very stressed out with his college course load and now weighs about 113 pounds but says he feels okay... He is concerned about his weight but not as much as I am. I don't think he is absorping nutrients and I want to have him try the half elemental diet and see if that helps along with the powder probiotics.

  • 5
    Excellent Information

    Posted by Katherine Barnett on 18th Apr 2018

    Thank you so much for making this available.

  • 1
    Buyer beware: It made my illness worse

    Posted by Andrea on 9th Dec 2017

    If you read most books about Pan Ulcerative Colitis they tell you that a liquid diet DOES NOT HELP HEAL YOU, or reduce your symptoms or have any positive effects on you whatsoever. Matter of fact, several doctors and books say the opposite. This product may help Crohn's patients but not UC. Prior to taking on the liquid diet I was in a lot of pain for weeks, trying to follow the SCD food diet but my average intake was about 600 calories per day because I wasn't digesting anything and in so much pain I couldn't eat. Then I came across this website which gave me false hope that I could cure myself without going on western medication (Steroids). Jini demands you try this for at least 2 weeks because "it will get worse before it gets better". Oh it got a lot worse. I went from frequent bathroom visits to literally living in the bathroom, contrary to what she says the shakes are gross if you're consuming only the mix 7x a day, and the pain was horrendous. But I endured for a week and a half of pure torture before I realized I had lost an additional 10lbs (on top of the 10 I had already lost up until then) and then I checked myself into the hospital. From there I made a drastic recovery in 1 week on prednisone and was almost 100% back to normal in 3 weeks. These shakes DO NOT WORK FOR ULCERATIVE COLITIS PATIENTS. I bought the oregano oil, the probiotics, the coenzyme stuff... everything. Spent almost $1000 in product and shipping cost and it was a complete waste. Returned 5 unopened containers and they refunded me money for 4. So I got about $250 back but in the end it cost me $100USD to ship them back anyway. I was immensely sick and desperate for a cure, out of work for weeks.. This just feeds on weak individuals with promises that don't work for everyone. Do yourself a favor and read alternative information on this product (not from this website) before you buy. RESPONSE FROM LTYG: Sorry the elemental diet did not work for you. Jini made it clear in her books and website that what she's offering is what has worked for her and her readers, and there is nothing in the world (not even a drug) that works for 100% of the people. Not everyone experiences identical results as everyone is dealing with a unique blend of health challenges. That is why Jini recommends to always listen to your body and gut and not give your power away to anyone (including Jini). Regardless, I know it is just devastating to follow a program to the letter and it still doesn't work! This is what Jini did with the SC Diet for one full year. That diet has worked for thousands but it just did not work for her. Committing to a healing program takes so much of your time, your energy, your hope, your money, your self-discipline, etc and to wind up no better, or even worse is just beyond nasty. I am truly sorry you had to go through this. Best, Customer Care

  • 4
    Awesome Website - But Missing One Thing

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Oct 2017

    Hi, I'm one of those super healthy vegetable-loving people that never gets sick, but when I suddenly started to have chronic constipation, pain and maybe even fissures or a fistula, this website became a life-saver. Natural remedies have always been my go-to, so this information rings true for me, and I'm hoping I can avoid drugs or surgery by following the advice here. I am already seeing some improvement and avoiding infection with by making homemade suppositories and using Oregano, and the elemental diet is my last resort for having a real chance at healing. However, I recently learned that chronic constipation can be caused from the Herpes Virus , which almost 70% of Americans under age 50 have. It can deaden the nerves of the colon, so a person with a great diet and perfectly healthy BM's can suddenly have chronic constipation. Didn't know I had herpes, but the constipation started the same week as a painful herpes outbreak. The Herpes-Constipation relationship is a new finding, so I understand why this info is not on this website, but I would like to know if I should up the dosage of Oregano, or treat this more aggressively. Any advice for me from Jini or anyone? I'll write another review after a couple months to report on whether or not I have total success. RESPONSE FROM LTYG: Thank you for posting the review! Unfortunately, we have no experience whether the elemental diet and oregano oil protocol will be enough to clear the virus or not. This blog post by Jini may be of interest as it contains a few more ideas about killing virus: Kind regards, Customer Care

  • 2
    Too hard to follow this diet in real life

    Posted by Judith Pardee on 11th May 2017

    I wasted my money and the free product samples were inedible.

  • 4
    Has been Very Helpful

    Posted by Annette L Gerhardt on 24th Sep 2016

    I got this book in both ebook in pdf and hard copy and am glad to have both because the ebook is searchable while it is nice to have the hard copy, too. I have as the headline says, found it to be very helpful, but did mark it down one star because I did find some of the information confusing, particularly as to when to take the probiotics. I finally decided to take them at bedtime. I also think that some of the information is outdated, as the book is 7 years old, and new information has come out from the Human Microbiome on what types of probiotics will survive stomach acid and even if they do, what types will form colonies. But so far, it is one of the best sources of information I have found to deal with my intestinal tract issues that resulted largely from exposure to black mold for 5 years in an office, resulting in what we "moldies" call "mold gut." That is a leaky very permeable gut caused by the Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome that 25% of the population is genetically susceptible to develop if exposed to mold mycotoxins or the toxins produced by algae blooms. SIBO seems to also be a result of the damage to the intestine. It seems to be starting to heal on Absorb Plus.

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