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Absorb Plus Elemental


Jini Says: Absorb Plus can be used either exclusively as an elemental diet, or together with regular food. Elemental shakes were first developed by NASA as a way to feed astronauts in space; because they provided all their nutrient requirements, yet resulted in minimal fecal matter. Since then, the medical community has utilized elemental, or enteral nutritional shakes for various conditions and for people who have trouble chewing, swallowing, or absorbing nutrients from their food.

NOTE: Buy 6 Tubs and Get 1 Free! Select the 7Plus Bonus Tub.

Unsweetened (NO added sweeteners): Vanilla or Chocolate

Original (sweetened with natural fructose and stevia): French Vanilla, Chocolate Royale, Berry Fusion, Caramel Toffee Twist, Mocha Grande, or Banana Coconut Creme

Simply (sweetened with dextrose and stevia): Vanilla or Chocolate

Vegan: Mocha Latte or Unsweetened Vanilla Brûlée

Please Note: We strongly advise you purchase a few sample sizes of Absorb Plus, or just 1 tub, before buying the volume needed to do a full elemental diet. 

1kg (10 servings) is $61.89, Vegan is $64.89
100g (1 serving) is $7.95
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