Elemental Diet Kit Absorb Plus French Vanilla - One Week Supply

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Everything you need to follow The IBD Remission Diet (elemental diet) for one week. If you would like to mix and match flavors, please leave a comment in the order notes or this kit will come with 5 tubs of Absorb Plus French Vanilla.

This kit contains enough supplies for 7 shakes per day = approximately 49 shakes, along with all the supplements Jini recommends you add to the shakes, AND the gut mucosal healing substances to be taken between shakes - as advised in The IBD Remission Diet book by Jini Patel Thompson.

This IBD Remission Diet elemental liquid diet kit* includes:

5 tubs of Absorb Plus (= 7 shakes per day)
Source Naturals Systemic C (500 mg) - 120 Caps
Flora Udo's Choice Oil Blend - 17 fl oz 
Source Naturals Coenzyme Q10 (30 mg) - 120 capsules 
Natrol Pycnogenol (50 mg) - 60 capsules
Nutricology Quercetin Mixed Bioflavonoids - 100 capsules
George's "Always Active" Aloe Vera Juice - 1 quart / 32 fl oz
Imix Nutrition MucosaCalm - 90 capsules 

BONUS #1: Free The IBD Remission Diet eBook by Jini Patel Thompson (so you can get started right away)
BONUS #2: Free LTYG BlenderBottle to make your shakes fast and easy!
BONUS #3: Free The IBD Remission Diet Hardcover Book by Jini Patel Thompson

*Save 10% on all of these supplements, plus the 3 free bonus products, by purchasing altogether in this premium kit.

Note: If you are not going on an exclusive elemental diet and are going to be eating other foods as well, this shake kit will last you longer than 1 week.

What Is The Difference Between The Absorb Plus and the Vegan Elemental Shake Kits?

The Absorb Plus elemental kits contain whey isolate protein and the vegan elemental kits contain brown rice protein. Absorb Plus also contains a customized amino acid blend and a very extensive vitamin/mineral panel. With Absorb Plus, all the elemental shake ingredients are already pre-mixed in one tub. With the vegan shake kits you have to add together 5 more ingredients since it is not pre-blended.

The bio-availability of whey isolate is higher than brown rice protein, so if you can tolerate whey (the lactose and casein have been removed) the Absorb Plus kits are probably the better choice. Also our customers tell us the whey protein tastes better than rice protein, so for children especially, we would suggest the Absorb Plus kits if they can tolerate it. Brown rice protein (ours is sprouted and organic) is usually better tolerated (less allergenic) than whey protein, so that is another consideration.


*These statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease. Always consult with your professional health care provider before changing any medication.

This Kit is an easy way to test out whether an elemental diet is right for you, or, to make it easy to order all the ingredients and supplements you need to get going right away.

This Kit contains a one-week supply of all the ingredients needed for The IBD Remission Diet, plus the supplements I recommend you add to the shakes, and take between shakes (on an empty stomach). So although you will likely be finished the Absorb Plus by the end of the week, you will probably have some of the supplements left-over.

Then, if you want to continue on the elemental diet (or IBD Remission Diet), you will have a good idea of how much you need to order and what your usage requirements are.