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From Dry Bones To Abundance - An Audacious Journey of Transformation 4-Part Audio Course

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Product Description

Length: 5 hours total
Written and Narrated by Lori Clarke

In this 4-part Guided Audio Journey, you will discover the ways you are looking outside yourself for abundance (in all its forms). But actually, the pathway to success, to wholeness, lies within…

Part 1 - Hope Rising
Part 2 - Turning Inward
Part 3 - The Fears
Part 4 - From Dry Bones to Abundance

If life has brought you to pain and brokenness.
If you are continually feeling caught in a cycle of trying to make it happen.
If all the places you invested, or believed in are dashed. Expectation, relationships, even your emotions are frayed, because you have worked so hard to make it and be successful, only to be left with lack, disillusionment and frustrations. MAYBE you have lost your sense of spirituality?

There is a large chance you identify with some, or all of those, and maybe all that is left is a sadness of feeling broken.
If there is one thing to take away from this audio series it is: you are not broken, just bruised.

I know this to be true, because this is my story. I too have felt broken, disconnected, bereft and exhausted. It was in the moment that I had no fight left in me, that I heard a voice rise from within my being and say:

"You are not broken. I don't make things that are broken, you are just bruised."

Years later I chose to take my life experiences and create audio series to help others transform out of this place of bruised and battered, into wholeness.

More than anything, I want you to know that there is hope for all those audacious dreams that you have.
There is a life rich and plentiful waiting for you.
The world has enough for you and everyone else, because you matter; you are valuable and a gift to the world.

Take the first step and Turn inward. Towards:

Abundant health
Abundant energy
Abundant love and relationships and family
Abundant adventure and zest for life
Abundant opportunity
Abundant success

Join me in this audacious journey of transformation to true abundance - abundance in ALL it's forms (not just money!).

Note: This journey is best experienced in order, as each part prepares you for, and leads you into the next part. Once you've done the entire series in sequential order, you can go back to individual parts. But for your first experience, Lori highly recommends you listen to each audio in the order given.

About Lori Clarke

Lori Clarke comes from a long line of 'seers', extending back through her gypsy ancestors in Romania. Raised in a Christian church, her abilities were called the 'gift of prophecy' and from a young age she was called on to deliver a word of prophecy to someone, or to pray for the spiritual healing of others.
This gifting developed through the years as she has grown free to become who she's meant to be. At this stage (of her life) one of her greatest satisfactions is to assist others to walk in a path of wholeness and transformation, helping them get in touch with the Source of all life and love. Some call this force God or the Creator. She calls it — Divine Love.

If, for any reason, you are not happy with this Guided Connection, simply email us for a full refund.

Here's What Jini Says

This is a very powerful journey. There are words and images that still resonate in me years later. I listened to most of this series while driving and I remember just bursting into tears at certain parts - being very moved and impacted by the places being opened inside me.

Part 3 - The Fears, literally rearranged me on a cellular level and set me free of fears that had a grip on me from my earliest memory. It was like Lori was guiding me to go into those places I had always skirted around, but she gave me the safety to actually go IN there and create a new reality, a new story.

Some of the images she instilled - of conquering, of rising above, are so visceral, so powerful, they have stayed with me year after year. And I can instantly call them to mind and draw strength from them, or hope, or perspective. She is a master storyteller and enables you live and move INSIDE the story. And in this way, the door to transformation is opened.

Very powerful stuff and such a gift to the world!

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