Murray The Shark Series Vol. 2: Murray the Shark Meets Allie Anglerfish (Audio CD) - by Jini Patel Thompson

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Murray the Shark decides to have an adventure and dives down to explore the dark, ocean depths. There he meets Allie Anglerfish, plays soccer with her, and learns about bioluminescence. Murray's fascinated by creatures that glow in the dark! Follow him on his journey to the bottom of the ocean…

Are you tired of 'Disney-style' stories that scare your child and involve evil characters?

Are you longing to give your kids positive, exciting stories that teach them useful things at the same time?

Would your child benefit from learning deep (meditative) breathing to help them calm down and relax and listen to their gut?

This Murray The Shark Sleeptime Story Audio CD contains:

  • An approximately 20 minute story with sound effects, narrated by Jini Patel Thompson
  • 30 minutes of soothing, calming instrumental music set to the hypnotic rhythm of ocean waves, composed and performed by Steve Martin.
  • The relaxing music begins at end of the story as the characters say 'night-night' to each other, thus cueing your child to sleep

 "My kids have such a hard time shutting off their brains at night to go to sleep. I've been looking for something to help focus their bedtime attention and help de-stress them from their day. They can't wait to go to bed tonight, so they can listen to their new stories and music. Thank you so much."
- Tami H., Albuquerque

Murray The Shark Sleeptime Stories (for ages 2 – 6) involve exciting plots, or a puzzle to figure out, and teach children meditative breathing and how to listen to their gut. They are bedtime (or naptime) stories to send your children off to sleep with good feelings, thoughts and dreams.

Cuddle up with your child for an interesting, educational story that also puts them to sleep by the end. Or, you can use the Sleeptime Stories as a tool to help teach your child how to go to sleep on their own.

Get all 6 CDs in the Murray the Shark series and your kids will enjoy the variety. Each story builds upon the one before, so children grow and learn with the characters. Kids also love being able to choose which Murray the Shark story to listen to each time.

"Stories capture the imagination, engaging the emotions and opening the minds of listeners. Consequently, any point that is made in a story or any teaching that is done afterward is likely to be much more effective."
- from Children Tell Stories, by Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss

Parents use Murray The Shark Sleeptime Stories to help their children relax:

  •     In the car for long car journeys
  •     Night time routines at home
  •     Before supper - while Mom's cooking!
  •     Going to the dentist
  •     Airplane journeys
  •     At daycare
  •     Sleepover at grandparents
  •     When Mom's away
  •     Before naptime
  •     Weaning toddlers off bottles
  •     And lots more! 

"The Murray the Shark CD'S were wonderful for my 4 yr old son…very soothing and calming for both of us, and it is something we could do together...thanks!"
- Heidi R., Ontario

NOTE: This is a physical CD. We also have an MP3 download version, if you prefer.