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We would love to hear from you! If you have questions, feedback, or just want to share your healing story please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us via any of the following channels:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1.888.866.7745 (toll-free in the US and Canada) or 1.360.305.3245 (International)
  • Live Chat: Visit our live chat by clicking the little blue tab at the bottom right corner of your browser.

Note: Live chat and phone support are available from 10am-6pm EST, M-F (except on holidays). Our usual response time is within 24 hours, unless you leave your message on a weekend or holiday. 

Your health and your business are very important to us, and we want to make your shopping experience as easy and affordable as possible. That’s why we offer you FREE 2 BUSINESS DAY TRANSIT SHIPPING* on every order over $99 within the continental US, and a discounted rate for shipping to Canada and internationally (regardless of order size). 

Please ensure you place your order before 10am PST for same day shipping. Otherwise your order will ship on the next business day.

*Ground shipping only. Orders to Alaska and Hawaii are processed as International Orders. Please note that the transit time stated in the shopping cart and during the checkout process (1/2/3 business days, depending on your location) is not guaranteed and delays, which are out of our control, may occur as a result of inclement weather. Transit times stated at the shoppe are typical under normal circumstances.

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Shipping Information

Shipping to Canada

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When Will My Order Arrive?

What's The Extra Charge On My Credit Card?

International Shipping Guidelines

Countries With Import Restrictions

Refrigerated Shipping Guidelines

Why Does The Shipping Cost More Than On Some Other Sites?

Guarantee / Refunds


Order Information

You can place your order online, by telephone toll-free, or by fax. The easiest and quickest way is to order online. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express and PayPal payments. All transactions on the site are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.

If you are hesitant about placing your order online, you can place your order by telephone toll-free, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week (normal business hours are 8am-4pm PST, Mon-Fri. Feel free to leave us a voicemail with your information - our system is secure!). Call 1.888.866.7745 (US and CANADA ONLY). Please have your credit card handy when you make the call. We'll also need to know your address and your phone number.

If you're calling from outside Canada or the US, please dial 1.360.305.3245 (long distance calling charges will apply).

Or you can fax your order to 1.360.542.2250. Be sure and include your full name, phone number, mailing address and credit card information in your fax. 

Please Note: The charge on your credit card will appear as Caramal / LTYG Holistic Health - please remember this to save us both time and hassle!

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Shipping Information

When you place an order online, you will be asked to CHOOSE SHIPPING at the end of the order form. Please select the appropriate shipping method for your country and desired speed of delivery.

NOTE: The courier companies process orders to ALASKA and HAWAII as International Orders (not USA). So please follow the shipping guidelines and pricing for International orders if you live in Alaska or Hawaii.

You will receive an order confirmation email within 24 hours of placing your order. This email will provide you with the details necessary to locate your order.

If you did not provide us with an email address, please keep your order confirmation number readily available from time of purchase. This will help us track your package for you.

Additional charges will be applied if the delivery address is incorrect, or if the package needs to be forwarded to a different location.

We make every attempt to maintain inventory of each product we stock, but occasionally a product may be on back order. If any product is not in stock for an order, we hold the shipment of your order until all products are available. Backorders will not be held after five business days. Any order placed on the weekends (or after 2pm on Friday) will be shipped on the next business day. Business days are Monday through Friday. 

The charge on your credit card will appear as LTYG Holistic Health - please make note of this to save us both time and hassle!

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Shipping to Canada

As our parent company is Canadian, we have to charge sales tax to Canadian residents. This means that in addition to the shipping charges and customs fees, you will also need to pay tax according to your province:

Alberta 5%
British Columbia 5%
Manitoba 5%
New Brunswick 13%
Newfoundland and Labrador 13%
Northwest Territories 5%
Nova Scotia 15%*
Nunavut 5%
Ontario 13%
Prince Edward Island 5%
Quebec 15%
Saskatchewan 5%
Yukon 5%

Please note that this can make ordering from Canada quite expensive! So make sure you check the shipping quote from our website before checking out (especially if you want to order refrigerated items); research the customs fees you'll be charged and calculate the tax on your order BEFORE placing your order, so that you don't have any unpleasant surprises. We sympathize with you (what free trade??) but unfortunately there is nothing we can do to change this.

Alternatively, if you live near Blaine, WA, Ogden, UT or White House, TN you may wish to pick up your order from one of our warehouses. Simply place your order online,, select the free shipping option, and leave a note in the "Order Instructions/Comments" field that you would like to pick the order up at the warehouse. We will then contact you with details about when your order will be ready for pick-up. If you'd rather contact us ahead of time, you can do so via phone or email:
Toll-free: 1.888.866.7745

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Important Information On How To Save On Shipping

To save money on shipping, it's best to order more than one item. We mainly use FedEx (USPS for specific products) for our deliveries, as they have proven to be the most reliable and best value! We only charge what we ourselves are charged by FedEx and our warehouse for shipping and handling.

FedEx charge one main fee to ship any package, and then add only small increases for each additional pound. So the per-item shipping cost goes down dramatically with each additional item that you order. For example, if it costs $12 to ship one item, it often costs just a dollar or two more to ship two items, and only another dollar more to ship three or four items, and so on.

This example is for orders within the United States. Packages being shipped to locations outside of the United States start at a higher base rate, and are also charged according to weight. So keep in mind that if you add a heavy product to your order - like George's Aloe Vera Juice 1 gallon jug - that is going to increase your shipping far beyond if you'd ordered a bottle of light weight CoQ10 capsules.

For some smaller items, like our comfrey salve, pycnogenol or CoQ10, it's hard to justify ordering just one item, as the shipping cost may be close to or higher than the cost of the actual product. We recommend ordering these products only when you order more than one item from our LTYG Health Shoppe.

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Regarding Free Shipping with 2 Business Day Transit

Our policy is to provide the lowest possible prices on our products every day, and we don't increase prices to subsidize shipping costs. We only charge for shipping and handling what we ourselves are charged. We are able to offer free 2 business day transit shipping (FedEx Ground) for orders in the continental USA that exceed $99. This is because you've ordered enough product that we can pay for your shipping out of the profits. For international orders, you'll notice that your shipping charge is much lower than the stated rate at the USPS or FedEx sites.

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Regarding Discounts

You can get a 10% or 15% discount off every order by joining our Wellness Circle at

Please Note: The charge on your credit card will appear as LTYG Holistic Health - please make note of this to save us both time and hassle!

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When Will My Order Arrive?

This depends on whether or not you ordered products that require refrigerated shipping. If none of the products you ordered require refrigeration, then your order will be sent out within 24 hours (weekends and holidays not included). Your order will arrive according to whichever shipping option you chose.

If you ordered a product like Natren probiotics that has to be shipped on ice and arrive within 2/3 days, the shipping schedule is:

Continental USA orders - sent out on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday only
Hawaii and Alaska orders - sent out on Monday and Tuesday only
International orders - sent out on Monday and Tuesday. We are willing to ship on Friday upon request to Australia, Asia, or the Middle East as well.
(Please ensure you place your order before 10am PST for same day shipping).

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What's The Extra Charge On My Credit Card?

If you see an additional charge on your credit card please email us at:

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International Shipping Guidelines

We calculate the cost for shipping refrigerated or international orders (including Alaska and Hawaii) before you place your order for all international orders, based on the state and country you are ordering from. Our policy is to calculate the cost of shipping and automatically charge your credit card so that we can get your order out to you without delay.

Typically, the charge varies from $45 to $250, depending on your state, country and the size of your order. If you want a quote for the cost of shipping before you order, please select all the items you wish to purchase from our website and when you are ready check the shipping quote button. Alternatively, contact our customer service team toll free at 1.888.866.7745 (US and Canada), or 1.360.305.3245 (International). You can also email us at:

Please do not order items that are illegal to import into your country. Laws vary from country to country, and it is your responsibility to check with your Customs office to see if your country permits the shipment of your desired products. You can also email us and ask us if we have shipped to your country before, and what we advise: For example, UK customers are restricted to only 2 kgs of Absorb Plus (2 tubs only) per shipment.

All orders are shipped from the states of Utah or Tennessee in the USA. You are responsible for any customs duties or fees on your order imposed by your country’s customs office. If your package is seized by Customs for any reason and we do not receive the package back, we cannot issue you a refund. If we do receive the seized package back and the products are in perfect condition, we will credit you the product cost, but you are still responsible for the shipping charges of returning the product to us.

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Countries With Import Restrictions

Currently we cannot ship supplements to the following countries because they have tightened up their import regulations:

etc (ask the care team for the current list)

Some of our customers in these countries have their supplements shipped to a country with more lenient customs regulations, and then have a friend or relative bring them in a suitcase.

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Refrigerated Shipping Guidelines

1) Shipping Costs 
Shipping refrigerated items such as probiotics can be expensive. This is because they have to be sent by with a 2 day transit time during the hot weather and 2 to 3 day transit time during normal or cool weather (depending on where you live and the time of year). However, if your cold order exceeds $99 and is shipping within the continental US, 2 business day transit shipping is FREE! For international orders, we ship the probiotics out on Monday and Tuesday (we are willing to ship on Friday upon request to Australia, Asia, or the Middle East as well), and Continental U.S. refrigerated orders ship out on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

2) Prompt Delivery
Sometimes you may arrive home several hours after your probiotics have been delivered and find the ice packs have melted and the product is not cold. Natren Inc. assures us this is fine, as long as the probiotics have not been warm for longer than 30 hours. Natren automatically includes MORE bacteria than is stated on the label to buffer against this sort of problem. So even if your probiotics are warm or room temperature when you open them, they will still contain the amount of live bacteria stated on the label. Remember to put your probiotics into the refrigerator immediately.

3) US Orders - Important Information
If you live in a very hot place in the continental US (like Texas and other Southern States) and order probiotics in the summer, then you need to make sure someone is home when your package is delivered. You can get delivery information from the tracking number that you are sent when your order is shipped out.

We cannot be held responsible for the condition of the probiotics due to delivery problems through the courier. But if the courier company makes an error, please let us know and we will advocate on your behalf to get you a refund. However, we cannot be responsible (or reimburse you) for another company's errors.

4) International Orders - Important Information
If you ordered a refrigerated shipping item outside of the USA, we cannot be responsible for any product delays due to customs, local import laws, taxes, incorrect address, etc. You cannot return the product if it is delayed until no longer cold. We will only take responsibility for packing the order properly and getting it into the courier's hands for delivery.

If the courier company has made an error, then please let us know and we will advocate on your behalf to get the courier company to issue you a refund. However, we will not be responsible (or reimburse you) for another company's errors. If this doesn't suit you, you can always order your probiotics or refrigerated items directly from the product manufacturer.

For additional information on international shipping, please see our International Shipping Guidelines.

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Why Does The Shipping Cost More Than On Some Other Sites?

Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about shipping costs. We don't ship using the cheaper options since we had too many orders go “missing”. So now we only use trackable courier shipping like FedEx. And believe it or not, on some orders we are actually losing a few dollars.

Some tips we can give you that may help: Order more at one time, rather than less, since there is a base shipping charge and adding extra products does not add that much extra to the shipping cost (unless you're ordering heavy items like the 1 gallon George's Aloe Vera or 1 kg Absorb Plus).

Also, if you're going to be purchasing every 2 to 3 months, then it will be cheaper to sign up for LTYG Wellness Circle, since one of the benefits of membership is 10% to 15% off EVERY order - regardless of size. You can then combine this discount with free shipping (for orders over $99) for maximum savings. You can find out all the benefits of membership (much more than just the 15% discount) here:

The other alternative is to order over $99 worth - then you will get free shipping if you are in the continental USA (does not apply to Alaska and Hawaii). If you're not in the continental U.S., we're sorry but there's no way we can give free shipping as we'd no longer be in business!

Perhaps the way other internet sites can offer cheaper shipping is that (1) They are shipping such a large number of orders per day that the courier companies have given them steep discounts and/or (2) They are selling such a large volume of product that they can afford to subsidize shipping costs from their product profits.

The other strategy sites will use is to lose money on low-ticket items like vitamins and herbs in order to get your email and address to market high-priced items where they make up for the lost revenue.

Unfortunately, since we are just a small shop, and we're not attempting to upsell you into some expensive products/systems, we can't offer any of those cost-cutting measures. But as Jini often says, if you prefer to buy locally, then just use the LTYG Shoppe as a resource - find out which brands Jini recommends and what to look for to ensure potency in the various products. Then contact your local health store and get them to order everything in for you. Since the products will come along with their regular shipments, they won't charge you any shipping costs.

We really do empathize with you and wish there was more we could do to reduce shipping costs - but it's the classic corner store trying to compete with Wal-Mart scenario - there's just no way we can get prices as low as the “big guys”!

Questions? For more information about our Ordering, Shipping, Refund or other Terms and Conditions, please contact

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Guarantee / Refunds

Every item offered by LTYG Holistic Health Shoppe reflects our commitment to give you the best quality, service and value. If you're not satisfied with your purchases for any reason, simply return any UNOPENED product (the seal must not be broken, and the product must be in re-saleable condition) with a copy of the invoice within 30 days from the date of purchase for a prompt refund or credit, less the original shipping charges.

Please ensure you protect and pack the products correctly for the return shipment - if the products arrive to our warehouse in damaged condition we won’t be able to give you a refund. We have two warehouses in the US so you can send your return package to either of these addresses:

Listen To Your Gut
ATTN: Returns
1125 Vaughn Parkway Suite 200
Portland, TN 37148


Listen To Your Gut
ATTN: Returns
295 S. Depot Drive, Unit 6
Ogden, UT 84404

For any damaged items, please contact us immediately and take pictures of the items in the original packaging. 

Important Notes:

1. We regret that we are unable to offer any refunds on items that were sent to you on ice (refrigerated shipping), like Natren probiotics, due to the cold-storage requirements of the products.

2. We are unable to reimburse you for any shipping charges that you incur to return merchandise to us. If you choose to return some or all items on your order, you are responsible for the cost of shipping the item(s) back to us.

3. If you purchase six (6) tubs of Absorb Plus on your order and receive a 7th tub for free as a result of our "7Plus" loyalty program but later decide to return some or all of your Absorb Plus tubs for a refund or credit, your refund/credit will be reduced by the purchase price of a single Absorb Plus tub to account for the free tub you received regardless of whether or not the returned tub is the one identified as the "7Plus" tub on your invoice.

Example: You purchased 6 tubs, got the 7th for free. You then return 3 unopened tubs within 30 days for a refund. Your refund would be for the price you paid for 2 of the 3 tubs you returned.

If you attempt to return one (1) tub from a 7plus order for a refund, a refund will NOT be granted regardless of whether or not the tub returned is identified as the "7Plus" tub on your invoice.

4. If you are a wholesaler and want to return items for which you received a wholesale discount, any items that are not returned on that order will have the wholesale discount removed and the difference will be applied to your refund.