Jini Says: These are powerhouse nutraceutical foods that are well-tolerated by sensitive guts. If you don't want to spend time pre-soaking your quinoa (to disable the phytates) then just use this one, that's already been soaked and sprouted to increase digestibility. Use quinoa as a healthier replacement for rice - with stirfry, stews, wraps, or breakfast porridge. Add the chia and/or flax to your smoothies, juice, shakes, or stir into yoghurt or porridge - good Omega-3s and will help soften/bulk your stool. I always throw a tablespoon of the hemp hearts into my raw smoothie (I like fennel, celery, apple and hemp hearts with a tablespoon of MCT or Udo's oil.) The coconut milk powder can be used to replace dairy in smoothies, ice cream, curries, hot chocolate, baking, etc. Enjoy food freedom with delicious taste!