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Slippery Elm Bark Powder Organic – 4 oz


Slippery Elm bark is a gentle, subtly maple-flavored herb derived from the inner part of the elm bark. The powdered bark boasts plenty of wellness perks for overall health and well-being.*

Jini Says +

Slippery elm works in a similar manner to
marshmallow root; by soothing and coating mucous membranes of the gut, urinary and respiratory tracts. It also contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Like marshmallow root, I use slippery elm bark powder in both my suppositories to heal anal/rectal fissures and in my Healing Implant Enema.

Slippery Elm Bark comes from the Slippery Elm tree, which grows on the eastern coast of the United States. The tree's Latin name is Ulmus rubra. Rubra means red, which refers to the red heartwood of the three. That's why Slippery Elm goes by the nickname, Red Elm. It is also known as Moose Elm, Gray Elm, and Soft Elm.  

Slippery Elm has a very subtle flavor that brews well in tea. Enjoy it with sweetener and milk.

Common Names
Indian Elm, Red Elm, American Elm

Warning: Slippery Elm should be taken with at least 250 ml (8 oz) of liquid.

Customer Reviews

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Love the flavor with raw honey. It's very soothing for the stomach and throat.