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Just for Kids

Jini Says: All the supplements here are liquid or chewable, or can be mixed with milk or apple juice. Imagine educational children’s stories that teach your kids how to listen to their intuition to solve a puzzle, invent a game, or build a bicycle! These are special tools to get your kids healthier, help them sleep easier and nourish their soul. I use everything here on my own kids as and when they need it. HINT: Teach your kids how to make their own protein shakes in the BlenderBottle and get a break from cooking dinner, or preparing breakfast!
Warren Labs
George's 'Always Active' Aloe Vera Juice

17 reviews
RM46.00 MYR - RM142.00 MYR
MultiAbsorb~Daily Essential - 30 servings
Healthy Start System Tripack Probiotic

10 reviews
RM332.00 MYR - RM563.00 MYR
Save 22%
Elemental Research
Iron Plus Vitamin C - 32 fl. oz

11 reviews
RM126.00 MYR RM161.00 MYR
Save 12%
Bone Support - 32 fl oz

12 reviews
RM233.00 MYR RM265.00 MYR
Save 31%
Minerals Of Life (62 Trace Minerals) - 32 fl oz

4 reviews
RM228.00 MYR RM332.00 MYR
Life Start Probiotic

3 reviews
RM115.00 MYR - RM209.00 MYR
Wellness Colloidal Silver (30 ppm)
Save 9%
Source Naturals
Wellness Colloidal Silver (30 ppm)
RM86.00 MYR - RM337.00 MYR RM95.00 MYR
Save 22%
Save 22%
Elemental Research
Magnesium - 32 fl oz

1 review
RM312.00 MYR RM400.00 MYR
Save 22%
Elemental Research
Calcium - 32 fl. oz

4 reviews
RM157.00 MYR RM201.00 MYR
Save 27%
Baby Fart Aerobics
Multivitamin Drink Mix - 30 sachets
Save 16%
Analgesic Salve - 1 oz
4 in stock
Save 27%
Sun Warrior
Classic PLUS Protein Powder (Raw, Vegan) - 750 g/1.65 lbs

1 review
RM157.00 MYR - RM214.00 MYR RM214.00 MYR
Sold Out
3 in stock
Save 15%
Vitamin D3 1,000 IU (25 mcg) - 100 soft gels
2 in stock
Royale Chrome Filtered Shower Head & Filter
Save 15%
Sprite Water
Royale Filtered Shower Head & Filter (Chrome)

2 reviews
RM246.00 MYR RM289.00 MYR