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PerioBrite Cool Mint Toothpaste - 4 oz (Fluoride-Free)


All Natural Ingredients Suitable for Entire Family Smile Naturally!

Directions +

Brush teeth thoroughly after meals, at least twice a day or as directed by your dental professional or physician. PerioBrite is concentrated; use a pea size amount. DO NOT swallow. For children 2-6 years of age, supervise until good habits are established. For children under 2 years of age, consult your dental professional or physician

Ingredients +

Please see the secondary product image above.

Jini Says +

If you have problems with low saliva flow or Candida overgrowth on your tongue, then this toothpaste (ideally combined with PerioWash Mouth Rinse) is your new best friend! It is a natural toothpaste formula with powerful herbs and essential oils, yet not too strong-tasting.

The Peelu Chewing Gum is also helpful for those with low saliva flow, or those prone to decay, since it contains Xylitol, which "washes" bacteria off the teeth.

Like all the natural toothpastes we carry, PerioBrite is SLS-free. SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) has been shown to cause mouth ulcers in certain people, so definitely something you want to stay away from. PerioBrite also does not contain fluoride.
<P>If you suffer from dry mouth, or low saliva flow (makes you prone to tooth decay) then definitely use this PerioBrite Toothpaste along with the PerioBrite Mouthwash, as they both contain a sialogogue herb (Prickly Ash Bark) which stimulates saliva production.

Periobrite Toothpaste Gluten-Free Fluoride Free Soy-Free/Vegetarian No Sodium-Lauryl-Sulfate No Artificial Sweeteners No Artificial Preservatives Naturally Brightens Soothes & Refreshes ,

All Natural Ingredients Suitable for Entire Family Smile Naturally! Cruelty Free – Not Tested on Animals Holistically Balanced Dentist formulated PerioBrite Natural Brightening Toothpaste contains Phytoplenolin, a patented herbal extract that has been shown in independent laboratory studies to promote cell vitality.

Soothing wildcrafted herbs, well-know for their cleansing action, are combined with CoQ10, Folic Acid, Oregano, Cinnamon and Clove to promote tissue and gum wellness.

PerioBrite naturally brightens teeth while leaving your breath fresh and clean energizing your whole mouth with cool, sparkling, minty fresh sensation.

Natural Whitening Toothpaste
With Co Q 10 & Folic Acid
Essential Herbal Oils
Fluoride Free

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