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LTYG Wellness Circle


Unlimited access all of Jini's content (eBooks, meditations & more)!

Gain unlimited access to all of Jini's eBooks & meditations! PLUS get a 10% off coupon code you can use towards your next order. 

Supports You In Reaching All Your Health Goals - for yourself and your family

Support and encouragement are crucial in helping you succeed at keeping yourself and your family healthy. You also need to know that the information you are acting on is reliable and actually works!

"Jini and the entire organization's efforts and abilities in locating, researching, organizing and presenting this plethora of information has been a godsend for myself and others meeting these challenges. If I was present, I would give each of you a big hug. Your work and efforts are much appreciated. Thank You!" - David S., California

With LTYG Wellness Circle you get:

~ Unlimited access to all of Jini's eBooks and meditations!

~ Unlimited use of our Learning Library jam-packed with cutting-edge articles, programs and step-by-step instructions for your Healing Journey. Most of our members find they get a full return on their membership investment within the first few hours, by taking advantage of all of our downloadable and printable healing protocols, ebooks, articles and podcasts.

"Jini's article about ear infections was the best remedy I have ever read. I will inform my son about this in the event his two small children (one newborn, one 2 years old) ever get ear infections. Jini, as always, comes to the rescue." -  Monica D., Montana

~ Free participation in podcasts and webcasts and free downloads so you can have your own copy, with leading health professionals like Dr. Gabor Mate MD, Dr. Hal Huggins DDS, Dr. Wendy Ellis ND, Natasha Trenev, Dr. Carolyn Dean MD ND, etc. Jini interviews world-renowned authors, doctors, dentists and other health professionals. During every call, she and her guest answer any questions you might have.

"What a wonderful and valuable resource these podcasts are." - Katherine R., Georgia

~ Unlimited access to Jini's in-depth case studies. Some case studies are over 20 pages long and all include exact treatment protocols, supplements and regimens to follow. Find someone with similar symptoms to yours and presto, you can copy the recommendations to have a ready-made customized health plan.

~ Active Learning with our Audio/Video Library

~ Good Health is Real Wealth infoletter in pdf format (value: $4.95) featuring timely issues, ground-breaking new treatments, research, etc. that Jini feels are important, along with an easy-on-the-gut recipe, special Question & Answer column, and several articles by guest authors Jini has hand-picked to share their knowledge and insight with you. This is where you'll learn what Jini is thinking, studying and researching years before it makes it into any book!

"I had chronic post-exercise muscle ache, developed upon recovery from a "mystery illness". I've chased my "mystery illness" from August of last year. $8000 worth of straight medical work, only to be told: "Everything is perfect." Been using Aspirin and Ibuprofen. Don't like them for obvious reasons. Jini's article inspired me to get to the health food store and get the white willow bark. ALL BODY ACHE GONE. No response necessary, just let her know: ANOTHER HAPPY INTELLECTUAL 'CUSTOMER'…" - Mark T., Minnesota

"Please keep me connected to Jini's Circle as a Gold Member - she is my life line to good health. I love her program and am so grateful that I found her and her wonderful program." -  Emma W., Australia

Click HERE (or on the image below) to visit the LTYG Wellness Circle membership site and check out some of the content we have available!

Customer Reviews

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Amazing collection of resources

I especially love listening to the healing meditations and teleseminars. There is so much information that you would struggle to find elsewhere and so many invaluable healing resources.