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Iron Plus Vitamin C - 32 fl. oz

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This is an angstrom size mineral and vitamin supplement of iron and vitamin C.

*IMPORTANT - Bottles may experience paneling during transit. This is a normal occurrence that happens due to pressure changes in transit and does not affect the quality of the product.

Directions +

Adult Directions
Take 1 teaspoon daily. Please consult a Physician before starting any nutritional program, if you are pregnant or lactating.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Angstrom Iron has the potential to stain teeth and the taste can be very off putting to some people. Unlike some of the other mineral products we carry, We do NOT recommend swishing it around your mouth.

If you find the taste to be a little too harsh, you may want to do one of the two things below:

1. Shoot the liquid to the back of your mouth and swallow, then chase with water.

2. Dilute the Angstrom Minerals with a little water and pour into the back of your mouth.

Ingredients +

Serving Size 1 Teaspoon
Ingredients (Amount per serving): 10 mg iron, 3 mg vitamin C

Other ingredients: Purified water

No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or additives are used.

Jini Says +

This nanoparticle iron is especially exciting for people with gut disorders, since normal iron is quite irritating to the gut and can trigger intestinal bleeding, or result in constipation. This lead to quite a multi-step process in my book, <em>Listen To Your Gut</em>, mapping out a way for readers to take iron in order to boost absorption, yet guard against these adverse effects. All of that becomes unnecessary with angstrom or nanoparticle-sized iron, since it does not require digestion and therefore does not irritate the GI tract. I even tested it by taking 8x and then 16x the dose on one day – but there were no adverse effects.

I used this iron myself to raise both my hemoglobin and my ferritin (iron stores), taking 1 tablespoon once or twice per day (Note: see dosage instructions - it's best to take in divided doses if you can). It works really fast and there are no intestinal effects as it does not require digestion. For this reason, it should be safe to use whilst bleeding – but go slowly and test it to be sure. The iron particles are angstrom-sized (.10 nm), very tiny nanoparticles, which are absorbed instantly into the blood and cells. To prevent constipation, be sure to take the dosage with lots of water or other liquid. Take your iron dosage, then drink a glass of water. It tastes only faintly of iron, but mostly just like metallic water. Kids can take it with no problem.

This was sent in by a reader of mine who is a nutritionist and her husband is a Pediatrician - so they track data, yay! Her husband is now carrying the iron in his clinic for his patients, as she continued to improve.

"We drew my ferritin today and it looks promising for the angstrom iron!
I started the angstrom iron on 12/29/12, so its been about 7 weeks.

"Here's my last SEVERAL ferritin results (yup, I'm a dork). This seems statistically significant to us, which is exciting. Mostly exciting too because I can tolerate it, no problem!"

2/19/13      43.3
12/29/12    33.6
11/7/12      37.9
10/3/12      35.1
8/25/12      38.7
4/30/12      30.0
11/8/11      21.0
8/19/11      37.0

Bottles may experience paneling during transit. This is a normal occurrence that happens due to pressure changes in transit and does not affect the quality of the product. 

Iron 2000 mg/L = 2000 ppm
Vitamin C 600 mg/L = 600 ppm
Liquid Iron Mineral
Ionic Iron
Cell Ready Iron
Water Soluble Iron

Health Benefits of Iron. Iron is a mineral that’s vital to your health. All of your cells contain some iron, but most of the iron in your body is in your red blood cells. Red blood cells transport oxygen from your lungs to the organs and tissues throughout your body. Iron has a role in creating energy from nutrients. It also contributes to the transmission of nerve impulses — the signals that coordinate the actions of different parts of your body. If you have more iron than is needed, it’s stored in your body for future use. Iron is a co-factor of oxygen as they work hand in hand. Iron is responsible for attracting oxygen to the body and carrying oxygen to all systems, tissues, and organs. Iron combines with other nutrients to produce vital blood proteins and is involved in food metabolism. Without iron, the body cannot survive long since the metabolism would decrease and atrophy.

  • Promotes Red Blood Cell Transport Of Oxygen
  • Supports Energy Levels
  • Relieves Fatigue

 Iron Functions in the Body:

  • Ensures oxygenation of the blood
  • Coverts hematin to carry oxygen to cells
  • Improves circulation
  • Augments tissue oxidation
  • Attracts oxygen to the body

This is an angstrom size mineral and vitamin supplement of iron and vitamin C. An angstrom or nanoparticle-size mineral supplement does not require digestion. Angstrom-size minerals are absorbed immediately into the bloodstream due to their minute size, hence the body also requires much less of them to have the same effect on the body. With a traditional powdered mineral, actual absorption ranges from only 5 - 15 percent. With angstrom or nano-sized minerals, absorption is 100 percent, so much less is needed to reach the same daily supplementation level.



I just wanted to say THANK YOU once again for this angstrom Iron product. I had blood work done in November and was told that I was borderline anemic. I had been taking an iron tablet for about a year, obviously without success. My physician was concerned about the diagnosis so she ordered more tests. I am happy to report that two months later I m no longer listed as being anemic. I could have never managed such great feedback without this product. It has made such a difference in my health. I would happily recommend it to anyone with iron deficiencies! - Angela R., WA


To prevent constipation, be sure to take this nanoparticle iron supplement with a full glass of water or other liquid.

For maintenance, 1 tsp every other day (or just twice a week) should be sufficient. 

For mild anemia, take 1 tsp per day.

For moderate anemia, take 1 tsp in the morning and 1 tsp in the evening.

For severe anemia (hemoglobin less than 7 or 70), take 1 tsp, 3 to 4 times per day.

Get your hemoglobin tested (to track your progress) within 30 to 45 days since this product builds hemoglobin very quickly.

For best results make sure you are also getting adequate B12 and folic acid - which the body needs to absorb and use iron properly.

Iron Deficiency Symptoms:

  • Anemia 
  • Ice Eating/Craving 
  • Brittle Nails 
  • Depression 
  • Fatigue 
  • Growth Retardation 
  • Irritability 
  • Confusion 
  • Dizziness 
  • Fragile Bones 
  • Headaches 
  • Palpitations 
  • Constipation 
  • GI Upset

Iron is responsible for attracting oxygen to the body and carrying oxygen to all systems, tissues and organs. The three to five grams of iron in the body are found primarily as a component of hemoglobin and myoglobin, which are the oxygen carrying and releasing substances."(52) Iron combines with other nutrients to produce vital blood proteins and is involved in food metabolism.

Without sufficient iron (hematin), the body can't manufacture enough new blood cells packed with hemoglobin, the red-cell protein that transports oxygen in the blood. Oxidation could not occur without iron in the hemoglobin of the red cells. Oxygen is drawn to the body when iron is supplied in the diet and stored in the body (ferritin). Oxygen burns waste materials to prevent them from building up in the body. As iron promotes oxygen in the body it increases its free use, it enhances motor function, mental vitality, liver, kidney, and heart function as well as arterial elasticity. Iron helps to raise blood pressure, and improve circulation, digestion, and elimination. Lack of iron in the body leaves it susceptible to colds, throat, and chest troubles.

Iron is beneficial for conditions of anemia, nose bleeds, tendencies to hemorrhage, chronic nephritis, and many other conditions. In addition to its predominance in the red corpuscles, iron is found in gastric juices, lymph fluid, bile, eye pigment, hair, and skin. Sixty to seventy percent of tissue iron is classed as essential or functional and only forty percent is storage iron. Essential iron is an integral part of hemoglobin and respiratory enzymes involved with the intracellular oxidation-reduction process. "When iron is in short supply, so is oxygen... Oxygen shortage leads to disturbing pulmonary circulation; lungs feel uncomfortable and stiff."(53)

Worn-out iron is excreted through the serous and mucous surfaces, the bile, urine, and bowel. Organic iron is essential to the body. Overdoses of iron produce violent reactions in the body such as upsets in the digestive process and changes in blood chemistry and can lead to anorexia. When too much iron is ingested it can cause hearing difficulty, absentmindedness, dulled senses, and cranial pressure from within.


52. Robert Garrison, Jr., M.A., R.Ph. & Elizabeth Somer, M.A., R.D., The Nutrition Desk Reference, Third Edition, (Keats Publishing, Inc., 1995), pg. 197.

53. Bernard Jensen, Ph.D., The Chemistry of Man, (Bernard Jensen, 1983) page 213.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Robie Smith
Miracle Iron

Angstrom iron is truly a miracle. I had to have a blood infusion awhile back because my blood store was dangerously low. While in the hospital they tried giving me iron infusions but my body rejected it and I had severe painful reactions! I also have been fighting UC for over 20 years. The doctor gave iron tablets that my body could not handle, so I started taking angstrom iron, 3 tsps twice a day. When I went back to my doctor for a blood check it was normal!! No bloating, constipation or stomach irritation! Praise the Lord! Thank you Jini for your wonderful products.

Bhargav Patel
It works perfectly fine

I took it for 28 days and it works amazing.

Cindy Olney


Barnes Karine

The taste is really not too bad. I will see in a month if my Iron have increased. Quick delivery. Chat customer, very helpful, thank you!

Hollie Carson

I have UC and am on a super strict vegan diet. I'm presently bleeding with proctitis and my iron stores are plummeting. I had an iron infusion in October and my iron stores are down to nothing again. I'm so incredibly thankful I came across this iron supplement. I took my first dose tonight, and I'm praying that it boosts my iron, helps me feel betterlook better, as I'm looking quite pale these days with little energy, and that it doesn't affect my UC healing. THANK YOU for this product! I will write back after my next iron check up!