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Portable Bidet Squeeze Bottle - 450ml

CHF 9.00

Portable Bidet Bottle made of medical grade materials. This unit is designed for comfortable and self administration.

Jini Says +

This bidet bottle feels WAY nicer than toilet paper and is a godsend for anyone with diarrhea, fissures, hemorrhoids or perianal skin tags (or menstruating!).

I tested over 12 different bidet bottles before choosing this one. The squeeze/feel of the bottle, the length of the tube, the angle of the spout, the type of spray nozzle - these are all important factors and make a huge difference for ease of use and performance. You will not be disappointed with this one and you'll probably never go back to dry-wiping!

We have one for every member of the family and I like to fill mine with warm/hot water. If you have diarrhea, you can pre-fill it and just leave it next to the toilet, ready-to-go.

Women may find it easiest to spray from the front of the pelvis, and men from the back. Don't touch the nozzle to your body, hold it a distance away, and adjust the pressure by squeezing more, or less intensely.

If you have your own septic system, you may want to stop flushing toilet paper entirely. At my ranch, we use the bidet bottle to clean and any toilet paper used to blot dry is placed in a garbage can next to the toilet. My neighbour does this and has not had his septic pumped in 15 years! You can also buy a stack of washcloths and use those to blot dry, then toss into a nearby basket for washing.

Portable Bidet Bottle made of medical grade materials. This unit is designed for comfortable and self administration.

  • Bottle (reservoir) is EVA.
  • Neck and nozzle are ABS.
  • Package includes a handy storage bag with drawstring closure.
  • Bottle capacity is 450ml.

Also called a portable bidet or travel bidet - this is simply a bottle that holds 15 ounces of water with a screw-on nozzle. You can fill the bottle with warm water, screw on the nozzle, and after your bowel movement, point the nozzle at the area you want to clean while still sitting on the toilet. Squeeze the bottle to send out a stream of water to clean. Adjust the water pressure, by squeezing harder or softer.

If you're a bigger male, you may need to lean to one side while on the toilet so that you have room to get the nozzle down there. When you're done, don't forget to rinse the bidet in the sink before washing your hands. Wash bidet bottle with soapy water as needed.

Why use a bidet bottle?

- Better personal hygiene. Cleaning with warm water does a much better job than cleaning with toilet paper alone.

- Easier cleaning. For many people with mobility issues, hemorrhoids, or skin tags, it's hard to reach down there and clean up with toilet paper. With a bidet bottle, it's much easier.

- Eco-friendly. Bidet use is much better for the environment than using paper made from trees.

- Reduced risk of plumbing or septic issues. With less toilet paper going through your pipes, there's a reduced chance of clogging. If you have your own septic system you will greatly reduce the need to have it pumped out.

Simply rinse the bidet bottle after each use, or wash with soapy water. In my experience, feces doesn't get on the bottle, since the spray directs it away from the bottle, towards the back of the toilet.

Customer Reviews

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Jini Patel Thompson
The Best One!

Had to come on here and let y'all know that I tested 12 different bidet bottles before selecting this one! There are so many factors that make this one awesome - the length of the tube, the type of spout, the feel/squeeze action, the angle of the spout. Every one of these elements can make a big difference to performance and ease of usage. Once you try this (and then just pat dry with either toilet paper or a washcloth) you will never want to go back to dry-wiping again! And if you're menstruating, it is a game-changer!!

Libby Galt
Portable Bidet

I should have gotten this for myself awhile ago - so helpful for personal hygiene, will help you feel more comfortable.


Thank you for posting the review. We appreciate the feedback and wish you all the best!.

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