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Organic Castor Oil (Virgin), Cold Pressed

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Directions +

Store in a cool, dry place, and avoid direct sunlight and heat.

Ingredients +

Organic Castor Oil (Ricinus communis), Virgin.

Jini Says +

A hot castor oil pack is AMAZING for relief of pain, spasming, cramping and intestinal blockage. For full instructions, simply go to my blog and type in "castor oil" to the Search box. OR copy/paste this link: https://blog.listentoyourgut.com/?s=castor+oil

Some of my readers have expressed concern about the effect on the workers of harvesting castor oil, since they have heard that the plant can be toxic in it's unprocessed state.

So I asked the company who makes the castor oil we sell about the workers doing the harvest and here’s their response:

“We have used our current supplier for many years and they source fine oils from around the globe. They are used to dealing with international issues, including worker safety. We have questioned them in the past regarding this and they have assured us that they monitor the safety of the workers when they conduct their audits of their suppliers.”

Not very hard or provable, I know. Not sure how you would even go about getting any kind of ‘certified’ safety document or assurance in these countries anyway – as they are largely unregulated.

Still, it is good to raise this concern and let manufacturers know that we are thinking and talking about this issue.

On the positive side, it doesn’t look like the harvest would cause problems, since the ricin has to be ingested, inhaled, or injected to cause toxicity:

The reference Wikipedia gives for its assertion that there are allergenic compounds on the leaves of the plant which harms workers, is also unsubstantiated:

Since castor oil is used in the industrial sector as well as health sector, there is a fairly large production going on. One would think that providing workers with gloves or face masks would be a fairly cheap/easy protective measure, rather than having to continually find more workers, or having lowered production due to sick workers…

Our Castor Oil is cold pressed from the organic seeds of the Castor Plant (Ricinus communis), thus retaining its valuable nutrients. It is heavier in texture than other vegetable oils, yet very mild and odorless.

Cold Pressed: Extracting oil through cold-pressing involves crushing the seed, nut, or fruit, and forcing out the oil. It does not involve the use of chemicals, and is done while maintaining a relatively low temperature (under 90-100F), and without introducing supplemental heat. This process is regarded as the best extraction method because it allows the oil to hold onto its true, subtle flavors and aroma that can be lost at higher temperatures.

About Our Vegetable Oils

  • We both manufacture and source only the finest quality products from highly regarded suppliers from all around the world, many of whom we’ve worked with for decades.
  • Our In-house Quality Control Laboratory has experienced technicians to provide a complete and thorough product analysis of all of our vegetable oils.
  • The Validated Quality Assurance testing we perform on our vegetable oils includes organoleptic testing to ensure proper appearance, color, aroma and flavor of each individual product.
  • All of our vegetable oils are 100% pure and cruelty-free.


Vegetable oils are healthful and flavorful and provide many essential nutrients to the body, and they make a healthy and nourishing addition to body care products and a flavorful addition to culinary dishes and baked goods.

  • Castor Oil has a variety of uses, from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics and skin care products.
  • It has an emollient effect, and can be used as an ingredient in skin care products and cosmetics, including massage oils and creams.
  • Can be used in hair care products.
  • Modern non-medicinal uses for castor oil include being used as a food additive in the food industry and a potential mold inhibitor.

Unrefined (Virgin): Unrefined oils are left in their virgin state after pressing, thus retaining all of their beneficial nutrient and healthful properties, including being rich and robust with their true, natural flavors and aroma. They tend to have a lower smoke point than refined oils, and are more commonly used for low to medium heat applications and culinary dishes. They tend to be more desirable when one would like a more potent aroma and flavor, or more nutritional value in the recipe.


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