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LTYG Podcast - Tap Into Your Healthy Self with Annabel Fisher

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What's On The Podcast? +

Similar to our previous podcast with Annabel, she leads us through EFT acupressure tapping on some more issues specific to people with chronic or serious illnesses, such as:

In this one we really get in-depth with resolving the panic, fear and trapped/tortured feelings that a flare-up or distressing physical symptoms can result in. Imagine no longer suffering fear and stress when physical symptoms arise!

We also tap on being "control freaks", always needing to control things and how we get stressed when we don't feel in control. We replace this with gentle ideas to the subconscious about the value of "going with the flow" a bit more. The value of relaxing and flexibility in making our world bigger and more enjoyable.

If any of these thoughts or behaviours are familiar to you, you can benefit from working with Annabel during the call!

Guarantee +

365-DAY GUARANTEE: if you purchase this and it is not helpful, you can always email/phone us for a no-questions-asked, 365-day guaranteed refund!

Testimonials +

"I slept well and found that yesterday I had a wonderful sense of well-being and practically no peripheral nerve pain over the course of the day. The beginnings of a slight Crohn's flare also seem to have subsided. I am deeply grateful for the healing work both you and Annabel are doing." - F.B.

Tap Into Your Healthy Self with Annabel Fisher, EFT-Advanced Therapist (audio MP3 recording + Free EFT Manual)

Length: 90 minutes

Transcript Length: 37 pages, pdf format


More About Annabel Fisher (in her own words):

In 2003, I was diagnosed with M.E./C.F.S. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I had ignored all the signals my body was sending me, all its cries for help, and I continued working as a teacher. Within 4 months of diagnosis, I was bed bound. I used a wheelchair on the rare occasions I needed to leave the house. Aside from feeling utterly exhausted all the time, I suffered constant muscle and joint pain, noise and light sensitivities, intense headaches, digestive disorders and food sensitivities, insomnia and depression.

In early 2004, my life was forever changed: I was introduced to EFT. It was the ray of hope I was so desperately searching for.

I had weekly private sessions with my EFT practitioner and began using it daily on myself. What I found so fascinating was as I addressed and resolved emotional issues, such as the anger, fear and hopelessness I was feeling, my physical symptoms started to reduce and disappear. In about 4 months, my chronic pain had reduced by 60% and within 6 months, the pain was reduced to almost 100%. Within a year, the majority of my symptoms had gone and I was in full control of the illness.

I realized EFT was a powerful tool and I became committed to helping others experiencing similar difficulties. In late 2004, I was able to train as an EFT Practitioner. I was still using a cane to walk and I had to pace my activities carefully, but I was in control of my illness instead of it controlling me. Feeling passionate about EFT, it seemed a natural step to qualify as an EFT Practitioner and later as an EFT Trainer, drawing on my teaching background.

Since discovering EFT, I have been treated by Gary Craig (the founder of EFT) and received advanced training from him in England and America. I have also received specific training from allergy specialist and energy psychologist, Sandi Radomski. By 2006, I was fully mobile, strong and healthy.

I had a successful EFT practice and ran regular training courses in Cornwall, England before moving to BC, Canada in 2006. I am the founder of the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET) in Canada which strives for a high standard of practice, ethics and the importance of the client's welfare within the field of Meridian Energy Techniques.

Annabel's Mission Statement:

I want to work with people who are currently ill and bring them to good health (as I did) and then I want to take them to vibrancy and living life to their fullest potential (as I'm doing).

Annabel's Qualifications:

  • Advanced Certificate of Completion in EFT
  • Advanced Practitioner Training (Level 3), approved by Gary Craig and certified by the AAMET
  • Certificate of Mastery of EFT for Serious Diseases by Gary Craig
  • Authorized AAMET EFT Trainer
  • Founder of the AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridien Energy Techniques) in Canada
  • Licensed NLP Practitioner
  • Licensed Hypnotherapist
  • Communication Skills Coach
  • B.A. in Religious Studies and Psychology, Stirling University, Scotland, UK

Note: After purchasing, you will be sent an email with download instructions for the MP3 audio file, the PDF transcript, and Free EFT Manual in pdf format.

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