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High Output Chrome Shower Head & Filter

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Chlorgon filtration system helps to remove free chlorine, dirt, and odors from water

Directions +

Installing a Sprite shower water filter is a snap:
-Remove existing shower head
-Screw on the Sprite shower filter and shower head
-Run hot water through the shower head filter for 5 minutes to flush the new cartridge
-Enjoy a fresh, clean shower with one of the finest water filters for the home

Jini Says +

This is a filter unit with a separate showerhead. The main difference between this one and the Royale All-In-One Showerhead, is that the actual showerhead nozzle on this one is much smaller in diameter than the Royale. It is 1.75" in diameter, whereas the Royale is 3" in diameter. Also, this one has 3 spray settings and the Royale has five. On the plus side, this filter is cheaper and the replacement filters last for 12 months, rather than 9 months with the Royale.

The challenge with shower filters is finding one that does a good job of filtering out the nasties, but doesn't decimate your water pressure. Those of use that like showers, want a robust, invigorating spray coming from our showerhead. So it's a matter of balance; filter out as much of the harmful chemicals as you can, whilst still maintaining water pressure.

So, I have personally tested (and used) each of the shower filters listed below. If you read through the descriptions, you will find that they filter out: Chlorine, Hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell), Iron oxide (rust water), Dust, Sediment, Odors and balance the pH of your shower water.

After using these filters to remove all the chlorine from our bath and shower, my son Hugo's eczema started getting better immediately and completely cleared in a few weeks. If you have a child (or yourself!) with respiratory problems, or skin rashes, this is one of the first things you should change in your home environment.

Comparison of Shower Filters

Sprite Royale - Showerhead and filter combined in one large head (3" in diameter), good filtration, good water pressure, replace filter every 9 months. Luxury, 5 spray settings with massage and de-scaling mechanism (no mineral build-up). My favorite in terms of appearance and spray settings.

Sprite Universal High Output - comes with a filter AND a separate showerhead (showerhead is smaller than the Royale, only 1.75") with 3 spray settings. Since the filter is separate from the showerhead, you can either use the showerhead provided, or take it off and use your own showerhead. Good filtration, good water pressure, replace filter every 12 months.

Sprite Bath Ball Filter - filters the water from your bath faucet, just strap it on. Replace filter every 5 months or 50 baths - whichever comes first. Only works on straight (not curved) faucets and you must be able to control the rate of water flow through the tap.

*This item is not available for purchase to customers in California, Colorado, New York, or Vermont. 

  • Chlorgon filtration system helps to remove free chlorine, dirt, and odors from water
  • High-strength ABS plastic housing with finger grips for ease of opening
  • Available with or without shower head
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard No.177
  • Includes replaceable HOC filter cartridge (rated for 12 months or 25,000 gallons – whichever comes first)

The Sprite High Output 2 Shower Filter has certified performance in a high-strength ABS plastic housing, featuring grip-assisting insets for ease of opening. Inside the housing is a replaceable 12-month filter cartridge (model HOC) which contains Sprite’s exclusive blend of patented filtration media to remove free chlorine, for softer hair and skin. Original High Output series filter housings have a footprint of approximately 3 inches, making them ideal for achieving maximum point of use filtration while maintaining a stylish profile.

Sprite’s “Universal” filters are named for their universal fit and appeal! They can be placed between an existing shower head and any standard 1/2-inch NPT shower arm with no extra equipment, offering complete customization of the showering experience.

Shower Head

3 Setting Massage


High Output Cartridge

Gallons Per Minute

1.8 GPM

Please note GPM applies to units purchased with a shower head.


⚠️ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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