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Immune Support

Jini Says: Immune strengtheners are crucial for anyone struggling with chronic illness or acute illness (e.g. cold or flu). In chronic illness, these substances help the body return to a state of balance by supporting the efforts of the immune system to regulate itself. I also give all of these substances to my kids during flu season, so they are safe for all ages (in my experience).
Organic Wild Oil Of Oregano
MultiAbsorb~Immune Booster - 30 servings (3.25oz)
Oreganol P73 - 60 gelcaps
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Healthy Origins Pycnogenol (30 mg) - 60 capsules
E-Gems Elite Vitamin E 400 IU (268 mg) - 60 Softgels
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Organic Ten-Mushroom Formula - 120 vegicaps
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Organic Chaga Mushroom Powder - 4 oz
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Vitamins A & D3 (25,000 + 1,000 IU) - 100 softgels
Mushroom Blend Mix - 2.12 oz
MAITAKE D-fraction® Standard - 120ml