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Whole-Body Healing - Divine Light Meditation


If you've never meditated before, or you have difficulty visualizing healing for your body, then this is a simple - yet powerful - guided healing experience.

This is the guided healing meditation Jini writes about in Chapter 7 of Listen To Your Gut.

Guarantee +

If, for any reason, you are not happy with this Guided Meditation, simply email us for a full refund.

Jini Says +

This is a simply wonderful meditation to do before sleep every night, or in the bath! It may be simple, but it is very effective.

You can also follow this meditation with your own customized healing visualizations, since you will already be in a relaxed, connected state to visualize your own specific, targeted healing.

Once you are fluent with this process, then I encourage you to try this other guided meditation next -
Place Your Consciousness Inside Your Body


Jini Patel Thompson brings you into a nice relaxed state and then guides you through the process of imagining beautiful healing light pouring into and down your body, swirling around your organs, intestines, or any parts of your body that need help.
Digital MP3 Download - 15 minutes
Do this healing meditation every night before you go to sleep, or perhaps during your quiet time during the day, for whatever needs healing in your body. An added bonus will be the deep physical relaxation your whole body will receive by relaxing into a calm meditative state every day - or even once a week would be beneficial.
There is a a short musical intro, then no music during the guided meditation, and 2 minutes of relaxing music at the end.
Warning: Do not play this meditation while driving, or doing anything other than lying down.
Original music: © 2021 Alannah Lori. All Rights Reserved.
Meditation: © 2021 Jini Patel Thompson. All Rights Reserved.

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