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Jini Says: It's pretty common knowledge that liquid supplements are better absorbed than substances hardened into pills or contained within capsules (which often contain fillers). And if you're having more than 3 bowel movements per day you are simply throwing your money away if you swallow capsules (the GI transit time is too fast) or pills. MultiAbsorb in loose powder form means NO fillers, flow agents, preservatives, or artificial anything! Instead of taking 15-20 capsules per day to get all your supplements, you can just add 1 scoop of MultiAbsorb powder to water, juice, your protein shake, or fruit/veggie smoothie. 

MultiAbsorb Daily Essential contains all your trace minerals, daily nutrients, antioxidants + amino acids – what you get from Absorb Plus shakes BUT with the amounts boosted so you only take 1 serving per day. 37 powerful nutrients in the most bioavailable forms!
MultiAbsorb Immune Booster contains everything in Daily Essential, PLUS targeted supplements for eye health (Lutein and Zeaxanthin), along with the best bioflavonoids to help prevent allergies and hemorrhoids (Quercetin and Rutin), along with 9 powerful multi-tasking herbs that not only support the immune system, but also support liver, endocrine and respiratory health. Total of 47 targeted super nutrients in therapeutic amounts!
MultiAbsorb~Daily Essential - 30 servings
MultiAbsorb~Immune Booster - 30 servings (3.25oz)