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Healing Meditation for Deep Sleep


In this healing meditation, Jini Patel Thompson leads you through breathing and visualization techniques to bring you into deep relaxation and Theta brainwave state.


Once you are deeply relaxed, she then directs you to "imagine tapping" on various EFT points, whilst hearing the words that go along with the tapping. You don't physically do anything; it is all visualized or imagined. Jini leads you in speaking directly to your subconscious, to release stress, anxiety, worry, and to allow your conscious mind to sleep deeply and peacefully.

You will also receive the Basic EFT Manual with a diagram of the acupuncture tapping points. You don't need to already know EFT to use this meditation, but you will need to know the tapping points in the diagram. If you want to learn more about EFT, Jini has set up an information page: www.MeridianTherapyTechniques.com

You can choose whether you want your meditation to fade into silence, or, 30 minutes of soothing music set to ocean waves. You will receive BOTH the MP3 audio download links - with and without music. Simply download to your iPod or mp3 player, or, you can burn them onto a CD.


No Music: 16 minutes

With Music: 46 minutes

Do this healing meditation every night, lying in your bed, when you are ready to sleep. Do it often, until the neural pathways have been reinforced to the point where you see the changes in your sleeping patterns, or your attitude towards sleep.

An added bonus will be the deep physical relaxation your whole body will receive by relaxing into deep meditative state every night.

Warning: Do not play this meditation whilst driving, or doing anything other than lying down.

Meditation: (c) 2010 Jini Patel Thompson. All Rights Reserved.

Original music: Cloud Wings (c) 2004 Steve Martin, All Rights Reserved.

If, for any reason, you are not happy with this Healing Meditation, simply email us for a full refund.

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not reviwwed yet

I thought I was getting an actual CD. I'm not sure how to download it onto a cd. I wanted to use it in my bedroom to help me sleep. I'm a senior with limited computer skills.
But I will try. :)