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Healing Sessions & Meditations

Jini Says: Recorded or digital healing sessions are a much cheaper, yet equally powerful way to experience profound healing from gifted healing facilitators. There is nothing I sell here that I haven't experienced myself and know to be effective and often miraculous. ALL come with an unconditional guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by trying them! The children's stories teach your child meditative (deep) breathing and how to connect to their intuition for problem-solving. Enjoy!
Guided Meditation
Vagus Nerve Meditation
Whole-Body Healing Meditation
Healing Meditation: Anal Stenosis, Stricture, Hemorrhoids
Healing Meditation: Deep Sleep
Come Home To Your Body
Access Your Fierce Feminine
Kesia Nagata
Listen to Your Gut
Kesia Nagata: Looking For Horses

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$9.95 - $14.95
Lazer Tapping - Self Healing
Save 17%
Lazer Tapping - Mother Wounding: The Heart-Belly Loop
Lazer Tapping - Release Anger or Resentment
Lazer Tapping - Release Emotions
Lazer Tapping Guilt Shame Blame for Medical Issues
Lazer Tapping - Fear of Success
Lazer Tapping - Perfectionism
Lazer Tapping - Sexual Abuse or Rejecting Femaleness
Lazer Tapping - Release Trauma from Abuse & Injustice
Healing The Wounded Angry Masculine
Save 34%