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Elemental Shakes

Jini Says: Absorb Plus shakes can be used either exclusively as an elemental diet, or together with regular food. 

Please Note: We strongly advise you purchase a few sample sizes of Absorb Plus, or just 1 tub, before buying the volume needed to do a full elemental diet. 

NOTE: Buy 3 Tubs and Get 1 tub at 50% off! Add four 1kg tubs to your cart and the cost of one will automatically be reduced during checkout. (Mix and Match Amino, Whey and Vegan!)

Absorb Plus Amino - Elemental Shake
Imix Nutrition
Absorb Plus AMINO

3 reviews
$8.25 - $65.98
Absorb Plus Berry Fusion 1 Servings (2.2 lbs)
Imix Nutrition
Absorb Plus

339 reviews
$8.25 - $68.89
Absorb Plus VEGAN Unsweetened Coco-Choc- 10 Servings (2.2 lbs)
Imix Nutrition
Absorb Plus VEGAN

31 reviews
$8.25 - $68.89
Absorb Plus Sample Pack
Imix Nutrition
Absorb Plus Sample Pack

10 reviews
Listen to Your Gut
BlenderBottle Classic

6 reviews
$9.95 - $9.99
Save 14%
Save 11%
Udo's Oil Blend (Organic)
$32.99 - $52.99 $36.99
Save 14%
Save 14%