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Chlorophyll (100 mg) Liquid


Chlorophyll is a mineral rich supplement which has been suggested to assist in tissue repair, purify the blood, help the liver build red blood cells, act as a natural internal deodorizer and tissuehealer.

Directions +

As a nutritional supplement, take one tablespoon in a glass of water or juice daily, or as directed by your health care professional. As an internal deodorant or refreshing mouthwash, use one teaspoon in one-half glass of water.

Ingredients +

Isotonic water solution, organically grown alfalfa leaves (Medicago sativa) in kosher vegetable glycerin.

Jini Says +

You can use chlorophyll if you are anemic, to help improve iron absorption and hemoglobin production.

You can also use it as a blood purifier and to cleanse your liver. However, in people susceptible to diarrhea, it may increase your bowel movements. So start with only 1/4 tsp and gradually build up from there to check for tolerance.

World Organic's Liquid Chlorophyll is derived exclusively from high quality alfalfa leaves. Chlorophyll is essential to the process of photosynthesis; often called the "building block of life." Without chlorophyll there is no life. Chlorophyll is a natural fat soluble nutrient which World Organic makes water dispersible for premier results. 

Each tablespoon (15 cc) contains a concentrated solution of 100 mg of pure Chlorophyllins derived from alfalfa with certified organically grown alfalfa.

Does Not Contain: Artificial Colors or preservatives

Warnings: Chlorophyll contains a natural green pigment that could stain your clothing. Handle with care. Shake well before using. Refrigerate after opening.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.