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Bath Ball Filter (with Chlorgon & Mineral Balls)


Jini Says +

My youngest son's eczema also disappeared shortly after we installed this bath filter (and showerheads) in all our bathrooms. So if you have a child (or yourself!) with respiratory problems, or skin rashes, this is one of the first things you should change in your home environment.

I have personally tested (and used) each of the bath and shower filters listed below. If you read through the descriptions, you will find that they filter out: Chlorine, Hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell), Iron oxide (rust water), Dust, Sediment, Odors and balance the pH of your shower water.

Comparison of Shower Filters

Sprite Royale - Showerhead and filter combined in one large head (3" in diameter), good filtration, good water pressure, replace filter every 9 months. Luxury, 5 spray settings with massage and de-scaling mechanism (no mineral build-up). My favorite in terms of appearance and spray settings.

Sprite Universal High Output - comes with a filter AND a separate showerhead (showerhead is smaller than the Royale, only 1.75") with 3 spray settings. Since the filter is separate from the showerhead, you can either use the showerhead provided, or take it off and use your own showerhead. Good filtration, good water pressure, replace filter every 12 months.

Sprite Bath Ball Filter - filters the water from your bath faucet, just strap it on. Replace filter every 5 months or 50 baths - whichever comes first. Only works on straight (not curved) faucets and you must be able to control the rate of water flow through the tap.

Get soft, smooth skin from a chlorine-free bath, guaranteed! 

  • Relieves skin rashes caused by chlorine's drying effect.
  • Easy breathing: no chlorine vapors from your bath water.
  • Bath water feels terrific because it is pH balanced and mineralized.
  • Very easy to use, just turn on the bath, without overflowing the filter.
  • Good for about 50 baths; or 5 months.

Benefits of the Sprite Bath Ball

  • Chlorgon filters chlorine so bath water is chemical-free and easy on your skin.
  • Makes your bath feel great because mineral balls add minerals and soften the water.
  • Balances bath water pH so you feel clean and refreshed after your bath.

Simple to Use:

Just run the bath water a bit slower than usual so the water does not overflow and bypass the filter.

HOWEVER, please note that for this filter to work with your bath, you need to have a straight water faucet (not curved) and you also need to be able to control the flow rate of the water coming out of your faucet. For example, if the water comes out too fast, it will overflow the filter.

If you want unfiltered bath water for washing the tub, just unhook the bath ball and set it aside to let the water flow without the filter in place.

Easy to Install

Just attach to your tub spout and get filtered bath water.

  • Clean off the tub spout so hanger will stick in place.
  • Remove the Red Tape-Liner from the top of the back of the hanger.
  • Center the front notch of the hanger under the back lip of the spout.
  • Press the back of the hanger onto the tub spout.
  • Secure the hanger onto the tub spout with the velcro straps.
  • Hang the bath ball onto the hanger hooks.

Replacement Filter Cartridges

The Sprite bath ball is easily replenished with a Bath Ball Cartridge.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.