Guided Meditation - Place Your Consciousness Inside Your Body (MP3 Audio)

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This guided meditation with Jini Patel Thompson helps you connect deeply with your body. Jini will guide you through a process of placing your consciousness inside various parts of your body; to feel your emotions or receive images from your tissues and cells.
If a part of your body is in pain, or displaying a symptom you just can't seem to relieve, use this exercise to connect into the messages your subconscious is sending you via your body.
"The body IS the subconscious. The body is the densest part of the soul." - Jini Patel Thompson
Digital MP3 Download - 14 minutes
"I just did the guided meditation. Wow!!! wow!!!wow!!! I cannot really describe what happened. Just sitting there after like hypnotized, very tired, thirsty and feeling the energy flowing through my body. Incredible. I have not experienced something like this in my whole life! And I have practiced yoga and different types of meditation for a long time." - G.Z., Sweden
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Warning: Do not play this meditation while driving. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.
Meditation: (c) 2020 Jini Patel Thompson. All Rights Reserved.
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