Nature's Answer PerioBrite Wintermint Mouthwash (Alcohol-Free) - 16 fl oz

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Nature's Answer PerioBrite Alcohol-Free Mouthwash Winter Mint promotes healthy teeth & gums. Daily cleansing and rinsing with PerioBrite Mouthwash helps promote healthy teeth and gums.

PerioBrite Mouthwash is a powerful alcohol-free oral rinse and mouthwash that moistens tissue, freshens breath for hours and encourages periodontal health. This advanced mouthwash contains organic and responsibly wildcrafted herbs including Echinacea, Green Tea and Olive Leaf, ingredients well-known for promoting healthy gums. Essential oils such as Peppermint, Clove, Oregano and Thyme coupled with the patented extract of Phytoplenolin, deliver exceptional long-lasting results.

  • All Natural with Organic Herbs & CoQ10
  • Promotes Healthy Teeth & Gums
  • Great Tasting
  • Relieves Dry Mouth
  • Fights Bad Breath
  • Dentist Formulated
  • Olive Leaf & Folic Acid
  • Safe for Cosmetic Dentistry

Ingredients: Please see the secondary product image above.

Does Not Contain: Alcohol, Gluten, Soy, Synthetic Solvents, Sodium-Lauryl-Sulfate, Artificial Sweeteners, Artificial Preservatives

As part of an oral health program, it naturally moistens gum tissue for long lasting, effective results. PerioBrite Mouthwash energizes your whole mouth with a cool, sparkling minty-fresh sensation. For best results, use with PerioBrite toothpaste.

Nature's Answer™ Research
In their continuing efforts to provide only the best liquid herbal extracts they are constantly reviewing current and historical literature. They have an extensive library of herbal and pharmaceutical literature ranging from 150 year old dispensatories and pharmacopoeia to the most recent pharmabotanical journals. They also house one of the largest herbariums in the country. Their laboratories allow Nature's Answer™ to constantly test, explore and update their herbal lines.

Nature's Answer™ Standards
Nature's Answer™ owns and operates North America's most extensive pharmaceutically licensed herbal manufacturing & quality control facilities. They are registered and are in compliance with all herbal regulatory agencies. This voluntary compliance requires adherence to Current Good Manufacturing Procedures as set forth and monitored by Federal and State Food, Drug and Health Authorities.

Wildcrafted or Organic Herbs
All the herbs they process are wildcrafted or organically grown with minor exceptions. Whenever possible, they endeavor to use wildcrafted herbs. Traditional practitioners and current scientific assays both confirm the higher activity of herbs grown wild in their natural environment. Having over 38 years experience with their wildcrafters and herbal sources; they work to ensure the long term protection of the plant species in the wild. If there is any concern about a wildcrafted species we turn to organically grown herbs. When using wildcrafted herbs, they use the entire herb rather than isolate certain 'actives', thus ensuring a more biologically balanced product.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

If you suffer from dry mouth, or low saliva flow (makes you prone to tooth decay) then definitely use the PerioWash Mouthwash and PerioBrite Toothpaste as they contain a sialogogue herb (Prickly Ash Bark) which stimulates saliva production.

PerioWash is also helpful if you have Candida on your tongue (yellow, whiteish, or fuzzy growth) as it contains both olive leaf and wild oregano - but it is still palatable, even my kids can use it!

The Peelu Chewing Gum is also helpful for those prone to tooth decay or low saliva flow since it contains Xylitol, which "washes" bacteria off the teeth. I keep some in my purse and in my car - also great to hand out to kids when they want a treat!