What You Need To Know About Elemental Diets (eBook) - By Jini Patel Thompson

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Length: 25 pages, 8.5"x 11"

In this guide, What You Need to Know About Elemental Diets, I discuss how an elemental diet can help you, and what the difference is between a full elemental and half elemental diet. I explain how an elemental diet can assist with SIBO, intestinal blockage or obstruction, food allergy testing or clearance, and other uses as well. I tell you what to look for in an elemental diet, such as the protein source, carbohydrates, and fats, and well as signs of intolerance. Finally, I give you the elemental diet shakes I recommend.


How an Elemental Diet Can Help You
Bowel Issues on an Elemental Diet
Transitioning Off an Elemental Diet
What to Look for in an Elemental Shake
Signs of Intolerance
Elemental Shakes I recommend

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